Rawan bin Hussein in the arms of Saad just because of the exchange of kisses! (a witness)

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Activists circulated through social networking sites, a video showing the Kuwaiti fashinista Rawan bin Hussein, accepting the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, during the youth concert that the latter performed in Dubai, which was held at Address Dubai Marina..

The hugs and kisses of Rawan bin Hussein and Saad Lamjarred

Rawan bin Hussein appeared in the video that was spotted by (Watan), as she runs towards Saad Lamjarred, embraces him and kisses her on the cheek, then kisses her hand, and continues to sing while she embraces him.

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The footage sparked controversy among activists who accused the Kuwaiti fascist, of supporting a rapist, as they said, and of crossing the border with him.

And the comments stated: (A law student supports a rapist, the rules of the game have changed).

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And another comment: (Why is it so cheap because it is famous?).

And an activist wrote: (Ok, even if an artist throws herself at him in front of people).

Another referred to Rawan’s ex-wife, and wrote: (Praise be to God, her Libyan husband divorced her, so that he would take his daughter better so that she becomes like her mother).

Shatha Hassoun did it before!

Yesterday, the Iraqi singer Shatha Hassoun did the same, and she appeared in a video circulating as she embraces and kisses Saad Lamjarred at the same concert.

Saad Lamjarred presented the party in the pool, and he performed his songs with his dance group, while the pool was filled with the mixed audience of young men and women, all in swimwear and bikini.

The bold footage of Saad Lamjarred’s party, which is out of the ordinary, sparked widespread anger among activists, describing what is happening in Dubai as shameful and vulgar.

Rawan Bin Hussein without makeup

As for Rawan bin Hussein’s first appearance last month, after her mother’s death, she could not control herself, in front of her followers, and collapsed in tears despite her attempt to cohesion.

Rawan bin Hussein appeared in a video on her social media accounts, without cosmetics for the first time, in mourning for her mother.

Rawan began to speak, saying: (It is a strange feeling, perhaps because for the first time I feel a sense of loss, but what reassures me that my mother was a good person, she did not harm anyone, and that I know that, God willing, my mother is in a better and happy place in the place she is in, but the one who makes one suffocate is him sense of loss).

And she continued: (The day will come when I need to talk to her, I need her hug, I can smell her scent, oh God, there is no objection).

And Bin Hussein continued crying: (My mother is an iron person and a great person for the last day of her life. It is true that she said the mission is over and she went when my younger sisters graduated from high school, and all her life she was saying God takes his trust, but when my young daughters graduate from high school and secure their future).

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Rawan bin Hussein talked about her mother’s role in her life, especially after the crisis of her divorce from the Libyan businessman Youssef Al-Maqrif, and said: “She secured the future of her daughters and secured the future of her daughter Rawan. The time has come for my mother to fulfill her wish and go see the face of God.

Rawan bin Hussein did not say goodbye to her mother

Earlier, Bin Hussein expressed her sadness and shock after being unable to take a last look at her mother after the decision to prevent her from entering Kuwait due to the Corona virus vaccine.

This is due to the specific conditions set by the State of Kuwait to change the type of vaccine against the emerging corona virus in the second dose.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health published a statement on its Twitter account at the time, in which it said that the Technical Committee for Vaccines had set conditions to allow the change of the (Covid-19) vaccine platform in the second dose according to scientific recommendations.

The statement indicated that the competent committee approved the change for people who have contraindications to taking the same type of platform for the first dose of the vaccine.

Bin Hussein revealed through her account on (Twitter) what happened to her, saying: (My beloved country, even if my neighbor is dear to me… My beloved mother, was deprived of seeing her before the burial, deprived of visiting her grave and unable to be next to my younger brother and sisters who desperately need me… Why?).

And she continued: (Because I took the Sinopharma vaccine approved by the UAE and the rest of the world, except for my beloved country, Kuwait!).

Rawan bin Hussein reprimanded her country’s authorities, saying: (Is this reasonable? My country is precious to me and the flesh of my shoulders is from its goodness, but I did not expect the day to come when my country will deprive me of my most basic rights.

And the Kuwaiti fashinista concluded in another publication: (I received information a few minutes ago that the law not allowing the exit of citizens vaccinated with unapproved vaccines from Kuwait, will be implemented starting from August 1. God willing, I will spend how many days in my country and among my family and visit the grave of my beloved who lost it).

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