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Thane: The power struggle and Shiv Sena rebellion in Maharashtra took place in Surat and now Guwahati, but the first rebellion took place near Mumbai. Everyone is asking how many Shiv Sena MLAs can go with Eknath Shinde and how did the ruling party come to know about it. NCP President Sharad Pawar has also raised the issue. It is learned that the last planning of Ashta Eknath Khadse’s rebellion was done in Shiv Sena stronghold.

After the Maharashtra Legislative Council elections ended at 4 pm on Monday, Eknath Shinde along with some party MLAs had made an unannounced visit to the park near Yeyur Hill in Thane. A close aide of Shinde said that from here he decided to take the next step before going to Surat.

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He was upset when Shinde was sidelined during crucial Rajya Sabha and council elections. He was unhappy with how the Congress and the NCP get a large share in the budget, but said the Shiv Sena gets a very small share. After voting, Shinde reached with some MLAs and discussed over dinner. Sources familiar with the matter said that he decided to express his displeasure at the meeting and left for Surat.

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Another Thane army worker, who is considered close to Shinde, said resentment has increased in recent days. “There is unlikely to be an immediate reaction to the rebellion… There was already a possibility of a rebellion but it would have been postponed due to Rajya Sabha and council elections,” he said.

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At the last minute, a select few associates of Thane were informed of Shinde’s plans. He asked them to take care of the travel and accommodation arrangements as well as take good care of the disgruntled MLAs who were with them. Outside Shinde’s house in Thane, several party workers had gathered at a bungalow on the Eastern Express Highway on Wednesday evening to show solidarity with his decision.


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