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New Delhi: Tips to reduce electricity bill: Nowadays, the use of electronic devices in every home has increased and due to this the electricity bill has become a headache for many people. In such a situation, everyone wants to reduce the electricity bill of the house. But, this is not possible due to continuous use of multiple devices. But, there is no reason to worry. Today we are going to tell you tips about such a device. By eliminating or reducing the use of these appliances, you can lower your home’s electricity bill. You will have no problem with it. So let’s know the ways by which the bill can be reduced.

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Kitchen fireplace:

Chimneys are commonly used in kitchens. But did you know? Fireplaces are on the list of appliances that fetch the highest electricity bills. A fireplace is a must in summer. But, there is no need to panic. Because there are many other things in the market that you can use instead of fireplace. Moreover, its use also reduces the electricity bill a lot.

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Geysers also use a lot of electricity:

Geysers also use a lot of electricity in the home. In such a situation you need to be very careful. Electric geysers can be particularly annoying. So it is very important that you look for another option instead. A gas geyser may be the best option instead. Instead of electric geyser you can use gas geyser. This device saves a lot of power with good performance.

Inverter AC:

AC is among the most power consuming appliances in the home. But, it is a tool. Which you cannot remove from home. But you can use inverter AC instead of non-inverter AC. Inverter AC is a great energy saver. Because, it has PCB in outdoor. which controls the speed of the compressor. The company claims that the inverter AC saves 15 percent of electricity.

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