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The Regina Police Service (RPS) wants to increase the proportion of female uniformed officers to 30 percent by 2030.

The target is part of a 30×30 initiative by the United States. In Regina, RPS vice president Lorily Davis told the CBC that it would start with a new recruitment website aimed at attracting more women to the force. Morning Edition.

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“Once a team in an organization is able to reach that 30 percent mark … they have the ability to make a difference in an organization, and really have that power,” Davis said.

Currently in Regina, 102 of the 418 officers are women – about 24 percent, Davis said.

“Studies show that female officers use less power in less public complaints and have better outcomes for victims of crime, especially when you think about sexual harassment,” Davis said.

Ask | The Regina Police Service is working to get more women to wear uniforms.

Breakfast Edition – Sask8:30The Regina Police Service has been tasked with putting more women in uniform

The Regina Police Service has signed the 30X30 initiative. The initiative means that by 2030, the force promises that 30 percent of uniformed officers will be women. Lorrie Davis, Vice President of the Regina Police Department, and Elizabeth Nuyen, Managing Director of the Regina Police Service, further explain the pledge.

RPS Managing Director Elizabeth Nguyen says more female role models and change in advertising are needed to bring more women into the police force.

“When you look at advertisements for the police, it’s historically been a lot of masculine films,” Nguyen said.

“There is a lot more to policing. It’s not just a masculine culture with tactics and law enforcement. It also has a caring component and support component with the community.”

The 30×30 model includes interim and long-term goals, workplace culture and feedback from everyone in the military, Nguyen said.

“We’re not trying to meet the numbers, we’re trying to set everyone up to succeed in our company.”

She noted that having a female vice president in Davis helps set a precedent for other women who want to join the police force.

Nguyen said they also hope to increase general diversity in the force.

Regina Police Service 2021 Statistics on diversity in its force. (Regina Police Service)

According to the latest figures, 8.3 percent of those in the Regina Police Service are identified as minorities and 7.3 percent as tribal.

“I think the police in North America in general are having a hard time recruiting right now, going through the currency devaluation movement and the Govt,” Davis said.

Particularly in the wake of the death of George Floyd in 2020 at the hands of a U.S. police officer, calls for police refunds and remittances to other companies have attracted attention.

Davis said meetings with community members are essential to increase diversity.

“We can’t expect diverse people in our community to knock on our door. We need to build those relationships and build trust in the community.”

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