Regina School, Community Hall flooded with broken drinking water pipe Pi News

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A school and community center in Regina were flooded Wednesday morning after a water pipe burst.

École Monseigneur de Laval and the Association Canadienne-Française de Regina (ACFR) were submerged and the school closed Wednesday. Students must study online on Thursday.

“At 10pm, the school grounds were dried and cleaned on the sidewalks, gyms and classrooms,” the school’s Facebook post says. It is translated from the French language.

“The bistro flooring has also dried up, but work still needs to be done to assess the true extent of the damage.”

Part of the building, the bistro, was described as turning into a pool. (ACFR / Facebook)

A scene after water is drained from a bistro room. (École Monseigneur de Laval / Facebook)

A GoFundMe has been set up to assist the tenants of the building. ACFR said in its own Facebook post that it would have to suspend its planned renewal plan depending on what the insurance company tells them.

David Parker, a parent of a child in École Monseigneur de Laval, said he wanted to help when he saw pictures of how much water was stagnant in the building. He started GoFundMe and said in its description that it was money to change school supplies for teachers.

If enough money is raised and the school needs extra financial help, the money can go to that as well.

“What worries me, or the back of my mind, is the school, the school itself, based on a building,” he said.

“[I want to make] The school knows the community is supportive and GoFundMe is a small example. “

Water was also stagnant on the floor of the gym at the school. (École Monseigneur de Laval / Facebook)

Claire Bélanger Parker, an adviser to the ACFR, said the refrigerators, freezers, glassware, sound equipment and many other items were damaged in the flood.

He said there was about 180cm of water in one part of the building and the creeping area below was also flooded.

“[Wednesday] In the morning, it’s a panic attack, it’s a helpless feeling, “he said.

“As for the damage, it’s all around us, there are curtains on the platform that we can not use, and there are a lot of items that we had stored for renovation work sitting in the water all day. [Wednesday] We can not save. “