Residents of Sarab demanded that the sale of illegal liquor be stopped ProIQRA News

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Shubhjit Debnath, Gayerkata Murder again in Gayerkata. With this, four murders in 50 days! The body of an unknown person was rescued. Unrest has spread in the area. It is worth mentioning that Dada was killed by his brother in Gayerkata on Wednesday night. The incident took place in Kongarnagar area of ​​Gayerkata under Banarhat police station. A man named Bhuvan Roy (32) died in a scuffle with his brothers. Banerhat police have arrested his two brothers Saben Roy and Rabin Roy in the incident.

It is learned that the man named Bhuvan Roy used to torture other members of the house and the neighbors while intoxicated. On Wednesday, he sold home-made rice and drank alcohol. This caused a quarrel among the brothers. At that time, he fell on the stairs and hit his head and died. At night the police came and recovered the body and took it to the police station. Police have arrested two brothers in the incident. The body is being sent to Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital for autopsy.

Meanwhile, locals complained that there was unrest in almost every house in the Kongarnagar area due to the sale of illegal liquor. They said the rest of the liquor is also sold in this area. And men come to drink and disturb the world. There are also allegations of gambling. Local resident Jamuna Roy said such incidents would happen if the liquor trade was stopped.