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Review: Hero | NTV

Ashok Galla, who is associated with cine and political families, made his debut as a hero in the movie ‘Hero’. This is the star hero named after grandfather Krishna, uncle Mahesh Babu is today’s hero. Along with their crutches, his father Galla Jayadev and grandmother Galla Arunakumari were well known in politics. As their successor, everyone’s focus on Ashok Galla ‘Hero’. However, due to the severe delay in the production of the film, the public did not have high expectations for it.

The story is that Arjun (Ashok Galla) dreams of becoming a hero. His father Naresh is a veterinary doctor. The mother is a housewife. If the father discourages him, the mother encourages him. Meanwhile, Ashok falls in love with Subhadra (Nidhi Agarwal) who rents their apartment. If you order hair oil online that your hair is falling out, you will get a gun instead. He then sends a photo and a letter telling him to kill him with a gun. In fact, the photo shows Subhadra’s father loving him. Subhadra’s father, who had been in Mumbai till then, came to Hyderabad, took his wife and daughter and prepared to leave Farin. He warns his daughter not to think of crazy things like love and marriage. What is the background of the original Subhadra father? What was the story behind the pistol that Arjun got in the courier? Did Arjun’s wish to love Subhadra come true? Did his hopes of becoming a hero come to fruition? The rest of the story of the same ‘hero’.

Ashok Galla looked good in the performance. He impressed with various getups in the first film itself. The hero introduction scene in particular was devastating. Laid a good foundation for the movie. Beauty bhama Nidhi Agarwal turned out to be his partner. Truth be told the new guy has to figure out before the treasure. But, director Shriram Aditya was successful in uncovering the assets in Ashok. Nowhere is the bore hitting as the whole story stretches like a race. In the second half, Jagapathibabu’s flashback is a bit of a comedy, but the film crew satires on themselves with the ‘Naresh’ dialogue. Jagapathibabu’s acting is also very good. And playing such roles is the battering ram for Naresh. As his wife, the mother of the hero ‘Kartika Deepam’ fits the Archana beauty of fame perfectly. Satya as the hero’s friend, Wennela Kishore as the salesman, Brahmaji in the climax, ‘Satyam’ Rajesh’s comedy is good. Other key roles were played by Ravi Kishan, Mime Gopi, Kausalya, Ajay, Kota and others. They all adapted to their roles.

The music provided by Gibran was a great plus for the movie. Songs played especially at the retro party are like whistling with dark fans in the theater. However, the rap song smelled of Tamil. Not a single song was put up with the intention of interrupting the storytelling in the second half. A duet was played in front of the rolling titles to fill that gap. It is good that the audience did not leave the theater at that time. The songs were written by Ramajoyya Shastri, Bhaskarabhatla and Rol Raida. Also Sameer Reddy, Richard Prasad cinematography took the movie to another level. Directors Veerashankar, Anil Ravipudi and director Sriram Aditya are also shining on the screen. The words went impressively.

As Ashok’s mother Padmavati Galla is the producer of this film, there is no compromise in terms of making. However the film industry, while elevating the greatness of the cast in it as much as possible, has also put some setters as work in progress. Great to have a movie like this from a new hero. That credit goes to director Shriram Aditya. Families can enjoy this entertaining feast with fun during the wallpaper season.

Plus points:

  • Lack of any expectations
  • Beauty Nidhi Agarwal acting
  • Some catchy songs
  • Entertaining climax
  • Production values

Minus points:

  • An elastic story without logic

Rating: 3/5

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