Review: Skylab

Review: Skylab

Concept Oriented Movies are very rare in Telugu. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. However, the movie ‘Skylab’ released on Saturday was different. It does not feature the love-making scenes, songs, action, mad comedy and antics of the heroines that we see in regular movies. Director Vishwak Khanderao took a small point and tried to tell in the entertainment way in the village back drop.

This is a story from 1979. Gauri (Nitya Menon) is the child of Dora (Narayana Rao) from a village called Banda Lingampally in Telangana. She works for a weekly magazine called Reflection in Hyderabad. The father arrives in the village in poor health. Dr. Anand (Satyadev) goes to the village to persuade his grandfather Sathasivam (Bharani) in the same village to take his five fingers and release his doctor’s certificate. The film tells the story of Subedar Rama Rao (Rahul Ramakrishna) from the same village. Assets inherited from grandfather are in court disputes. The whole village is in debt to make a living. The word subedar should not make him do that job if he does the job and gets rid of them. Gauri who wants to prove herself as a journalist; Anand who wants to reach their goal by putting a hospital in the village; The film tells the story of how the lives of Subedar Rama Rao, who wanted to invest in him and get out of debt, changed after learning the news that Skylab was going to fall on the village.

NASA’s space station Skylab failed, and fragments crashed into the Indian Ocean and Western Australia on July 11, 1979. However, NASA scientists have announced that Skylab fragments could fall anywhere on Earth, creating a terrifying atmosphere around the world. For a few days people were in a state of panic. Director Vishwak tries to weave the events of that day into a story and link it to the lives of three people to show the impact of the fall of Skylab on the Telangana countryside. When the news broke that Skylab was going to fall to the ground, some people joked that they would not die in a few days. Others are convinced that they can no longer take drugs in life. Some of the devotees were immersed in pujas and punaskaras. Manishiko behaved like this. We see such characters in this movie too. If the aristocrat, who does not go downstairs, enters the well for fear of Skylab, those who work near him will clap on the aristocrat’s silk beds. The lower castes who do not pass the temple enter the Skylab Punyamani temple. People take out policies worth crores of rupees without knowing what will happen tomorrow. While some homas start to get out of fear, others lose courage and end up in the hospital. Gauri, Anand and Rama Rao, the main characters in this movie, have the opportunity to know what life is all about. Gauri’s article on the fall of Skylab is a cover story in ‘Reflection’ and the whole village recognizes Anand as a doctor after giving up selfishness. Subedar Rama Rao’s troubles will end. Director Vishwak gives an entertaining message by combining the novelties and highlights of a village due to Skylab.

As far as the cast is concerned, Nithya Menon has done well in the role of journalist Gauri. The four-decade-old attire suited her nicely. Not only that, the screen presence is also good. The good news is that she is also a production partner for the film. Dr. Anand’s character played by Satyadev starts with a pessimistic mentality and ends with purity. Rahul Ramakrishna has shown his talent in the role of Subedar Rama Rao who has shouldered all the hardships of cinema. Vishnu gave a settled performance as Gauri’s assistant. Tulsi entertained as her mother. Narayana Rao as Gauri’s father, Aripirala Satya Prasad as Anand’s father and Bharani as grandfather. Subbaraya Sharma played the role of Gauri’s youngest teacher. Tarun Bhaskar also shined in the guest role. Many of these new actors effectively played key roles.

The main strength of the movie ‘Skylab’ is the dialogues. Although it is a bit risky to make this film with a Telangana accent with a sync sound, everyone in the theater is enjoying the smell of mud in the dialogues due to the talent of the actors. The first of the songs composed by Prashant Vihari is very good. The rest is not fair. However the background music he provided was the main highlight for the movie. Aditya Jawwadi Camera performance is wonderful. The director was unable to screen Emotions properly as this was Vishwak’s first film. As the first half progresses with the introduction of the whole characters, the Skylab bustle begins in the second half. Although the ending is imaginative, it has to be made more impressive. Slow narration also tests the patience of the audience. Director Vishwak and producer Prithvi Pinnamaraju should be congratulated for wanting to show this film to the audience in a slightly different way than in the routine format. However most people in this generation do not know about Skylab. It is of little use in reminding them now of the events of that time. Telling that story now means that the film was made after the fall on the current corona! So this is too late!

Plus points
Selected story
Impressive conversations
Prashant Vihari background music

Minus points
Unpredictable climax
Unproductive Emotions
Slow narration

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Tagline: Too Late!

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