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Review: The Holey Roast – Scottish Field

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Megan Amato She fills her hole with “The Holey Roast”.

Broughton and Bross bagels are two of Edinburgh’s culinary treasures – one a regular in the Michelin Guide and the other so popular that new spots are popping up faster than chicory. Together, they created “The Holey Roast”: the Bross’ signature “everything” bun stuffed with roast beef, hash potato, celery remoulade, and watercress, and topped with mayonnaise dressing.

I was lucky enough to try one of these cakes at Stockbridge Market in Broughton on a Sunday afternoon. The market was buzzing as usual, and although Broughton isn’t quite as constant a paella stand, there was a constant queue of people eager to sample this collaboration of enthusiastic staff.

After I received my bagel, I quickly whisked it away before finding a quiet corner to enjoy it. At first glance, it’s nothing special—at least not for that well-used Canadian in Montreal for bagels of various fillings. However, each bite proved better and better until the bread was quickly demolished.

Every ingredient and flavor of a bagel works together to enhance the experience of eating it, from the traditional firmness and lightness of Bross’ “everything” bread to the tender and juicy beef, creamy horseradish and remoulade celery, and peppery arugula. The star of the show, however, was the saltiness of the potato hash in the middle, which turned an interesting combination of flavors into an unusual one.

You can get your very own ‘Holey Roast’ from The Broughton from today until the end of the month.

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