RM wants his role as BTS leader and Kim Namjon to stay together in his 30s. Reveals that he wants to open an art cafe. ProIQRA News

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RM went on to be a boy who debuted as a K-pop star after enjoying hip hop and is now the proud leader of BTS, the world’s largest K-pop band. Although his and the group’s milestones and achievements speak volumes about BTS’s hard work and journey, Kim Namjun recently spoke about his plans for the future. Art expert Namjoni has revealed that he wants to do something in the field of art in the future.

The rapper sat down to talk about his love of art in a podcast when he revealed that he hopes to open a place where he can showcase his art collection while having a small cafe at the place. Has been established. The rapper also highlighted his 30s hopes. RM 29 (Korean age).

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Intersection: Speaking on The Art Basel Podcast, RM said, “This is my first time actually saying this but seriously, I’m planning to create a small space for my personal collection and then just I will build and set up a cafe on the first floor. My collections on the second floor and the third floor. People can always see the collections when people just want to see them, because when people come to Korea, and for Koreans too. “So we can’t see great Korean artists because there aren’t many museums yet. There aren’t many galleries yet. I just want to take some of my time.”

The rapper also said that when he is in his 30s, he wants to focus on his role as a BTS leader and member and stay away from his life. The rapper admitted that when he started as a BTS, members had to sacrifice their lives or their personalities. “Because there are seven personalities and we were 19 or 18 when we started as a team but now we are almost 30. But BTS is still really important to me,” he explained. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there, as a team.

The BTS leader added, “For my 30s, all I want to know is that half of the BTS members and leaders are present as RMs and half as nominees.”

Earlier this month, BTS members informed fans that while they are still together, they will explore their respective interests in the coming months. This will open some interesting doors for the members. An example of this is Jay Hope’s first solo album, Jack in the Box.

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