Rohtas Road Accident, Ambulance going from Bokaro to Banaras with dead body collided with truck, 2 killed – Latest Bihar News| Current News of Bihar Pi News

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In Rohtas district, on Thursday, on NH 2, an ambulance rammed a truck parked on the roadside. Two people died in this accident. Another got injured. It is being told that the ambulance riders were going to Banaras in UP for cremation with the dead body from Bokaro in Jharkhand. Then this accident happened near Khurmabad village.

According to the information received, the ambulance was coming at high speed. In the meantime, it was hit by a truck parked on the side of the road. The collision was so strong that two people died on the spot. One person injured in the accident was injured. Who was taken to the nearest hospital. From where he was referred for better treatment.

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On receiving information about this incident, the Chenari police station reached the spot and sent the dead bodies to Sasaram Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. It is being told that the deceased were relatives among themselves and were residents of Bokaro. He was going for cremation in Banaras with the body of his family member. After the accident, a crowd gathered at the spot. Due to this there was a jam on the NH.

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