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Rosamund Pike admits you can see her in one salty scene where she shouldn’t be. Pi News


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Saltburn star Rosamund Pike has admitted she shouldn’t have appeared in a scene in the film.

The Oscar nominee appeared on Claudia Winkleman’s Radio 2 show at the weekend to discuss the film, which has dominated conversation on both sides of the Atlantic since its release on Amazon Prime last month.

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During the interview, Rosamund said that to help the actors bond, director Emerald Fennell parked everyone’s trailer “as far away from the set as possible” and hoped they would stay in one place rather than turning back between takes.

And apparently it worked.

Rosamund at the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this month
Rosamund at the Critics’ Choice Awards earlier this month

Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Rosamund recalled: “There’s a great party scene, and the art department was getting everything ready before we shot that party. Statues were garlanded, sequins, grass, pillows, chairs, candles were thrown on everything – we felt a party coming, you know!

“My character was supposed to have a little scene at the beginning where he greets everyone and then he had to go to sleep. And I was going to take my hair off because she has really long hair and I was like, ‘I don’t want to sleep!'”

The Gone Girl star continued: “It was one o’clock in the morning and we were filming before dawn and I saw this big feathered headdress.

“They were just moving into the frenzy of the party, and there’s a DJ and she’s in one of the houses outside … and I thought, ‘Actually, I know what Elspeth’s going to do. She’s wearing her pajamas and wearing sunscreen. ‘goes back to the party wearing glasses and a feather hat. So I did.

“And they said, ‘Do you think Emerald will really be a cross?’ So I showed up at the party again.”

Earlier this month, Rosamund shared her heartfelt feelings about Saltburn, admitting that seeing the divisive film for the first time left her a little “uncomfortable” and “shocked”.

Listen to Rosamund Pike’s full Radio 2 interview here.


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