Rupali Chakankar: Rupali Chakankar: Women’s Commission Chairperson Rupali Chakankar threatened to kill – State Women’s Commission Chairperson and NCP leader Rupali Chakankar threatened to kill from unknown ProIQRA News

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Mumbai: State Women’s Commission chairperson Rupali Chakankar has received death threats. The threat call had come to the New Delhi office of the National Commission for Women. A call was received in the office of the Women’s Commission in about 24 hours this afternoon threatening to kill Rupali Chakankar. It is learned that a person from Ahmednagar had called.

This is not the first time that Rupali Chakankar has received such a threatening call. Rupali Chakankar had received threatening calls twice before. Let’s program you, this type of language was used in that threat phone.

Who is Rupali Chakankar?

Rupali Chakankar is currently the chairperson of the State Women’s Commission. In July 2019, Rupali Chakankar was given the responsibility of the post of state president by NCP. He resigned in March 2022. Rupali Chakankar was the state president of NCP for one and a half years. After Chitra Wagh slammed the NCP, Rupali Chakankar took over the reins and worked hard. As a reward, she was given the chairmanship of the Women’s Commission.

Already threatening phone calls

Rupali Chakankar’s office is in Diary on Sinhagad Road, Pune. On December 26, 2020, a man called Chakankar’s office and threatened to set it on fire. At this time Rupali Chakankar had gone out in connection with work. After getting information about this, Chakankar lodged a complaint against the person at Sinhagad Road police station. On this basis, the police had registered a case.