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Bag: The Russian military has tightened its grip on eastern Ukraine as it seeks to cut supply lines and encircle Ukrainian forces on the front lines, as the Ukrainian military announced on Thursday the arrival of a powerful US multi-launch rocket system. Has announced that he hopes to benefit on the battlefield.

The British Ministry of Defense said that Ukrainian forces withdrew from some areas near the city of Lysichansk to avoid a siege as the Russians sent reinforcements and concentrated their firepower in the area.

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The city is located in the province of Luhansk, a major battleground for Russian President Vladimir Putin in his war against Ukraine.

Ukraine’s general staff said Russian forces had taken control of the villages of Loskotyoka and Rye Oleksandryoka and were trying to seize a settlement, Syrotyne, outside the province’s urban administrative center, Severodonetsk.

Luhansk Governor Sergei Heidai told the Associated Press that the Russians were “burning everything” in their attack to encircle Ukrainian fighters.

“The Russians are advancing without trying to save ammunition or troops, and they are not running out of either,” Hidai said. “They have an advantage in heavy artillery and troop numbers.”

Following repeated requests for heavy weapons from its Western allies to counter Russia’s lead in firepower, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said the response came in the form of medium-range US rocket launchers.

“Summer will be hot for the Russian occupiers. And last for some of them,” Reznikov tweeted, thanking the United States for “these powerful tools.”

A U.S. defense official confirmed Wednesday that the four promised High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) are in the hands of Ukrainian forces, but it is unclear whether they have yet been used.

The United States approved providing accurate guidance systems in late May, and once they arrived in the region, the country’s forces needed about three weeks of training to operate. Rockets can cover a distance of about 70 km.

The United States plans to send an additional 50 450 million in military aid to Ukraine, including some additional medium-range rocket systems, ammunition and other equipment, US officials said on Thursday. On the condition of providing details before announcing the condition.

Analysts say the modern system will give Ukrainian forces greater accuracy in hitting Russian targets.

Kyiv-based think tank Mykola Sunhurovsky of the Razumkov Center said HIMARS had a longer range, greater accuracy and higher fire rate than similar Soviet-designed systems that Russia and Ukraine had used during the four-month war. Used during

Heidai said that in the Luhansk region, Ukrainians occupy part of the territory, “opposing the Russians and provoking their anger and desire to burn it to the ground.”

For weeks, Russian forces have destroyed Sverdlovsk with artillery and air strikes, and have been engaged in house-to-house battles with Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian forces are holding about 500 civilians at the Azot Chemical Plant, the only part of the city still under Ukrainian control.

Hedai said Ukrainian troops had blocked the town from occupying the plant’s vast underground structure, but noted that “shelling has intensified, and even concrete shelters have resisted bombing.” Can’t. “

He said the Russians were using all their weapons – heavy artillery, tanks and planes.

Lysychansk, located on the banks of a steep river that faces Sievierodonetsk, also faces a continuous barrage of Russian artillery.

The governor said at least one civilian was killed and three others were injured in 24 hours as the Russians concentrated more than 100 rocket launchers to “hit entire blocks”.

The British Ministry of Defense said that Russian forces had advanced more than 5 km to the south of Lysi Chinsk since Sunday.

“Some Ukrainian units have retreated, perhaps to avoid a siege,” the statement said. “Russia’s better performance in this area is likely to be the result of the unit’s recent reinforcements and heavy fire concentration.”

The Ukrainian military says Russians are also trying to cross the mountains, overlooking a highway linking Lysichansk with Bakhmot in the southwest, in an attempt to cut off Ukrainian forces’ supply lines.

Hedai said the Bakhmut-Lysychansk highway was not used because of Russian shelling. Ukrainian forces are receiving supplies through alternative routes.

In the early stages of the February 24 attack, after a failed attempt to seize the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, Russian forces focused on the Donbass region, where Ukrainian forces have been fighting Moscow-backed separatists since 2014. ۔

The Russian military controls about 95 percent of the province of Luhansk and about half of the neighboring province of Donetsk, the two territories of Donbass.

A Ukrainian politician and TV personality says an online fundraising pitch aimed at helping Ukraine buy three offensive drones has raised 10. 10.4 million in 24 hours.

Serhiy Prytula credited the “amazing” support among the people of Ukraine when his charitable foundation launched an appeal the USD 15 million for the purchase of Bayraktar drones a day earlier as Ukrainian forces had already launched an offensive against Russian invaders. Have used for defense.

He tweeted: “US 4 4.6 million to go. The People’s Barrier Project is already nationwide mob funding. Let’s make it international!”

A meeting of EU leaders is under way in Brussels to nominate Ukraine for membership in the 27-nation bloc. The country’s real entry into the European Union is likely to take years, albeit due to both the war and reforms by the Ukrainian government in line with European standards.

Negotiations for accession are unlikely to begin before next year, and joining the European Union will not provide the same security guarantees as NATO membership.

Ukraine has also sought to join the Western military alliance, which Putin called an attack on the neighboring country.

A number of EU diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity before the EU leaders’ summit, which began on Thursday, told The Associated Press that Ukraine needed to run for office and become a member. There will be unanimous approval to start negotiations.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Thursday that her country offered its expertise to protect Ukrainian ports and ensure safe passage of ships for the export of Ukrainian grain.

Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil. Russia’s invasion and blockade of Ukrainian ports have largely stopped this flow and left millions of tons of grain trapped in silos, threatening food supplies in many developing countries, especially in Africa. Has fallen

During a visit to Ankara, Truss told a news conference with his Turkish counterpart Mevlt شavu اوoلوlu that “it is urgent that action be taken within the next month before the new crop is harvested, and we urge our allies to provide it.” We are committed to working together. ” Discuss ways to end blockades.

Turkey wants to bring together the United Nations, Russia and Ukraine to work out a UN plan that would allow safe shipments of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports.

Cavusoglu said a possible agreement could establish a “safe zone” just outside Ukraine’s territorial waters.

Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky said Thursday that Russia had destroyed more than 2,000 schools and other educational institutions during the war.

In a video address to students and teachers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Zelensky said that in areas where Russian troops were advancing rapidly, “forces are shooting people in the streets, torturing people.” Yes, they are raping minors – boys and girls. “

Zelensky also expressed frustration that Israel did not include Western-led sanctions against Russia or provide military assistance to Ukraine to boost its forces in the war.

Israel relies on good relations with Russia for security coordination in Syria, where Russian troops are present and where Israel launches frequent attacks on enemy targets. It has sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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