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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday accused the West of deliberately creating “hysteria” over Ukraine’s grain exports amid the conflict, saying Moscow respected its obligations to provide the world with energy, agricultural produce and fertilizer. Ready to Addressing the online BRICS Plus summit hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Putin also said that the policy of some countries towards violating international law has led to imbalances in international relations.

Putin was quoted by the state news agency TASS as saying that “deliberate efforts are being made to stir up hysteria over the export of Ukrainian grain suspension through Black Sea ports.” Putin said Russia was not creating any obstacles to stopping grain exports from Ukraine and was ready to provide a safe passage for grain ships in international waters, provided that Ukraine’s military provided access to ports and nearby waters. Clean up with landmines.

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However, he said Ukraine was not showing a constructive attitude towards grain exports. “We have reached a relevant understanding with the officials of the UN Secretariat, but we still lack one thing that has a constructive approach from the Kyiv government,” he said.

According to Russian and US estimates, there are five to six million tons of wheat and seven million tons of corn, Putin said, but that would certainly not help solve the problems of the global grain market. Putin also said Russia was ready to meet its obligations to provide energy, agricultural production and fertilizer to other countries.

“I would like to emphasize that Russia is a major shareholder in the global food market, aware of its responsibility. Putin said that in addition to other important products, Putin also accused Western countries of being hostile to global food issues.

He noted that global demand and supply of goods and services had shrunk when the corona virus epidemic broke out and the food market became seriously unbalanced. She recalls the most famous quote from the French Revolution, attributed to Queen Marie Antoinette of France, who said, “Let her eat a cake” as she watched the starving protests from the windows of her palace. “Some Western countries are behaving in such a way that they destabilize global agricultural production by imposing restrictions on the supply of Russian and Belarusian fertilizers and disrupting the export of Russian grain to world markets,” he said. Are doing. “

Millions of tons of grain are stored in warehouses and Ukrainian ports that cannot be exported because of the war, which is pushing up prices. Ukraine is a major global exporter of wheat, accounting for 9% of the world market. It also accounts for 42% of the global sunflower oil market and 16% of the world’s corn.

According to the BBC, due to the Russian blockade of Black Sea ports, and Russian and Ukrainian mines along the coast, between 20 and 25 million tons of wheat are stuck in Ukraine, while global grain prices are on the rise. Are moving towards Putin also said that the policy of some countries to violate international law has created an imbalance in international relations.

“In the current context of unbalanced international relations, the importance of cooperating with partners who share our values ​​has increased dramatically,” he said. “This situation has been arising for a long time and has become an inevitable result of a policy of violating and weakening international law,” he said. He added that multilateral institutions are run by people who claim the so-called liberal world order.

The Russian president said the BRICS format was useful because of the proximity of the participating countries’ positions in promoting free trade and multipolarity. Putin said, “I find it very useful to hold BRICS + meetings that bring together the leaders of countries interested in building a mutually beneficial partnership with our Association, which puts pressure on global political and economic issues.” On the basis of the ways in which they are put together and resolved, it seems that the participating countries stand for the establishment of a truly democratic multipolar system in the world.

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