Russo-Ukraine War: The whole world shook after seeing this scene of devastation and pain, see two months of war in 20 pictures Pi News

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The Russo-Ukraine War completed two months today. In the early morning of 24 February, Russia launched air strikes on Ukraine, which continues to this day. Russia has almost completely destroyed Ukraine in these two months. Captured many cities. Hundreds of people died.

This scene of destruction was not limited to houses and buildings made of brick and stone. A lot of blood was shed in this war. From the soldiers of the army to the children, the elderly were killed inexorably. In the city of Bucha here, humanity itself has become wired. Ukraine alleges that Russian soldiers staged an orgy of death in the city of Bucha. Crossed all limits of humility. Women, girls were raped and gang-raped. mercilessly shot civilians in the head. Many were burnt alive. Hundreds of dead bodies were scattered on the streets for several days.

Today we are going to show you 20 painful pictures of the war from February 24 to April 24. These are the pictures that came out during the war. Seeing them the whole world was shaken. View photos…

This is a picture of the city of Bucha, Ukraine. Such an orgy of death took place here that the whole world shook. In 20 days, Russian soldiers turned this city into a cemetery. The Russian army here tied the hands and feet of the Ukrainians and shot them in the head. raped women. Turned the whole city into a pile of corpses. More than 600 bodies were recovered from different parts of the city. Many corpses stink badly.

Bodies of many people were found in Bucha. After this, the Ukrainian police collected the bodies and buried them in different cemeteries.

A painful video emerged from the Ukraine-Poland border amid the war. In this, a child is walking crying while holding an envelope in his hand. It was told that its parents were killed in the Russian attack. After which he alone moved towards Poland.

The picture is of 15-year-old Masha Feschenko. The girl was seriously injured in a Russian attack in the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye. The attack took place when the girl was passing along the road with her mother. Masha’s leg was also blown off due to the bomb blast. After the picture surfaced, Russia tried to prove it false by giving a clarification. Later, Ukraine’s Zaporozhye Regional Hospital shared a picture of the girl and termed Russia’s claim as false.