Sadbhau Khot: Uddhav Thackeray: ‘Chief Minister has done good for his house, now…’; Sadabhau Khot targeted CM – Former minister Sadabhou Khot criticized CM Uddhav Thackeray ProIQRA News

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Rajapur: Ignoring many issues of the people and farmers of Konkan who have given full support to Shiv Sena till date, the Chief Minister has left Konkan in limbo. What will the Chief Minister who will not even meet the people’s representatives do? The founder MLA of Rayat Kranti Sangathan, Sadabhau Khot has criticized Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray for seeking a ministerial post at home. Many questions are pending in the state. He also raised the question whether this government is for the people or for the contractors. Chief Minister Thackeray has done good for his house, now when will he do good for the farmer’s son?, this question has also been raised by Khot. (Former minister Sadabhou Khot criticized CM Uddhav Thackeray)

MLA Sadabhou Khot addressing the press conference. At that time he had criticized Chauffeur and Bochari on the management of Mahavikas Aghadi. He further said that the works done in the interest of the people have been thwarted. Not only this, farmers, students, ST workers are committing suicide in the state. But the government is silent. It is unfortunate that they do nothing. Criticizing the ban on plastic, he said that Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray should focus on eco-friendly and sustainable development.

In Konkan farmers do not get justice, even simple guarantee of rice, mango and cashew crop cannot be given. The government also did not heed, saying that it would pay Rs. Khot also said that his program is just talking about everything and making hollow announcements.

When will the Chief Minister do good to the children of the good farmers of the house?

People in Konkan are struggling for basic amenities like roads, water and electricity. Accepting the post of Chief Minister of the state, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray made his son Environment Minister in the cabinet and did good work for the family. Khot has also warned that we will launch a mass movement for farmers’ issues in Konkan.

Refinery Support

Commenting on the proposed refinery at Rajapur Barsu, Khot said that the project should be implemented with the confidence of the local people if such projects would lead to development at the local level and generate employment by promoting employment. Late Madhu Dandawate is a big part of the Konkan Railway bringers. In his memory, he pays tribute to the late Rajapur Railway Station along with the construction of his splendid memorial. He also testified that he tried to name Madhu Dandawate.

BJP District President Ravindra Nagrekar, Taluka President Abhijit Gurav, BJP Co-operative Cell District President Anil Kumar Karangutkar, Mahila Aghadi President Shruti Tamhankar, Pandharinath Ambarkar, Raja Kajve, Pangre Sarpanch Vaishnavi Kulai, Sheetal Patel, Sheetal Rahate, participated in the press conference. Sonal Kelkar and other BJP functionaries.