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The salary of Delhi MLAs has been said to be the lowest in the country. For this reason, the Manchun session of the Delhi Legislative Assembly will pass a resolution on July 4 and this price will be almost doubled. This is the first time that I’ve seen such a large number of women in the United States, and it’s the first time that I’ve seen such a large number of women in the United States. Now we know how much the MLAs, the ministers of Delhi actually get paid and how much it will increase.

The last increase in the number of MLAs in Delhi was on November 4, 2011. Sheila Dikshit was the then Chief Minister of Delhi. After that the salary of MLAs was increased from Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000 per month. Together, they earned Rs 54,000 per month.

Existing Darmaha and Bhatta of Delhi MLAs
A resolution was passed in the Delhi Legislative Assembly on November 4, 2011 to increase the salaries and allowances of MLAs as follows:
12,000 per month
The total assembly allowance is Rs. 18,000 per month
Secretary’s allowance is Rs. 10,000 per month
Bahan Bhatta Rs. 6,000 per month
Phone Bhatta Rs. 6,000 per month

Dainik Bhatta – Rs.1000 / – for attending a session or meeting of the House

In addition
Vehicle Advance – Up to Rs.
Medical Facilities – Free treatment at all Government of Delhi or its panel hospitals
Pension – Rs. 6,500 / – and Rs. 1,000 / – per annum for second term
Family Pension – Relatives need to pay pension after death of former MLA
Electricity and water facility – Rs. 4,000 per month on the bill
Travel facility – Rs. 50,000 per annum for traveling with family anywhere in the country
For Ribamarment Data Entry Operator – Rs. 30,000 / – per month

How much will it cost now?
Now with the hike in salaries, the salaries of Delhi MLAs will go up from Rs 12,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. In addition, there will be an increase in the number of kilns, which will be increased to a total of Rs. 90,000 per tonne.

What is the salary of MLAs of other states?
Telangana is one of the top states which pays the highest salaries and allowances to MLAs. In Telangana, MLAs’ salaries and allowances are Rs 2.5 lakh per month. In Uttar Pradesh, MLAs earn Rs 1.6 lakh per month along with Dharmaha and Bhatta. Maharashtra has Rs 1.60 lakh per month, Jammu and Kashmir Rs 1.80 lakh per month and Uttarakhand Rs 1.60 lakh per month.

দ Salary of MLAs in Vani State
There was a time when the salaries of MLAs in the seven states of the North-East, also known as Vani, were quite low, but in the last 3-4 years, the salaries and allowances of MLAs have increased significantly.

Meghalaya Rs 60,000
Arunachal 1 lakh
Mizoram 1.50 lakhs
Assam 1.20 lakh
Manipur 1.12 lakh
Nagaland 1.35 lakh

How much is the MLA fund?
There are a total of 4120 MLAs in India. In addition to the monthly salary of the legislator, capital is provided for the development of the region, which ranges from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 6 crore per annum.

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