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Cleaners of CIDCO district sat for hours at Aurangabad Municipal Corporation for salary

Aurangabad: Around 5,300 scavengers have been appointed under Self Help Groups for garbage collection in CIDCO area. These workers did not receive salaries for three months. Therefore, these paramedics stayed at the municipal headquarters for about three to four hours. But even after that, in the absence of any responsible official, including an administrator at the municipal headquarters, these workers did not receive any concrete assurance.

The municipal administration has privatized the city’s garbage collection and management, and the garbage collection job has been outsourced to Gopinath Reddy. However, garbage collection in CIDCO is done only through 13 Self Help Groups. A total of 327 CIDCO employees are doing garbage collection work under these self-help groups. Municipal corporation and self-help groups from time to time stop payment of salary to employees who have stomach. Even now, the salary for the three months of May, June and July has not been paid. As a result, they face financial difficulties. A time of famine has come upon their families.

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Employees warned of serious unrest

After waiting for these workers for three or four hours, they submitted a memorandum to the administration with the demand to pay off the debt immediately. But they were disappointed as there was no officer-in-charge at the municipal headquarters, including Dr. Abhijit Choudhary, the administrator. Ultimately, the workers warned of serious agitation if no decision was taken in the interests of the workers.


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