Salman Khan is building a 19-storey luxury hotel in Mumbai Here’s what we know rah mgb | Pro IQRA News

Salman Khan is building a 19-storey luxury hotel in Mumbai Here’s what we know rah mgb

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan plans to build a luxury hotel in Mumbai with his family. Rumor has it that Salman Khan is building this luxurious building in a ‘high location’. He has allotted a plot facing the sea on Carter Road in Bandra. According to a report in The Times of India, the construction plan approved by the BMC shows a 19-storey hotel.

The plot is actually the Starlet CHS residential building, where Salman Khan bought flats and initially plans to convert it into a residential complex. However, it seems they have changed their plans. According to reports, the idea of ​​building a hotel was presented a year ago to Salman Khan’s mother Salma Khan, who is revealed to be the owner of the property.

Spray & Associates has now shared a revised revised plan for a “Commercial Central Air Conditioned Building with a height of 69.90 meters” under the city’s new Development Control and Promotion Regulation (DCPR-2034). The report also says that it is reported that the property will contain a three-storey basement, the first and second floors will house cafes and restaurants, the third floor will house a gymnasium and swimming pool and the fourth floor will be used as a service floor.

Apparently the fifth and sixth floors are for the convention center and the seventh through ninetieth floors are for hotel use. This has been officially confirmed by Salman Khan’s team. Although there are no signs of construction on his family’s lot, there is a building to be renovated into a luxury hotel.

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In 2011, Salman’s father and veteran writer Saleem Khan told The Times of India that he was buying properties all the time. Salman is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film Tiger 3. The film is directed by Manish Sharma and stars Katrina Kaif in the lead role. He also played a brief role in the hit film Pathan.

According to reports, it has been learned that YRF is also working on a film that will feature Tiger with Pathan. Salman was last seen in Kishi Kashi’s brother Kishi Kishi’s life. The family entertainer received mixed reviews from fans and critics.

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