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Samadhi cuts Samdhan’s legs with an axe: Samadhi insults Samdhan, the woman’s husband protests. Samad Khan was beaten when he spoke out against violence: his legs were cut with an ax, a case was opened against the accused Samad Khan Pi News


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  • Samadhi chops Samdhan’s legs with axe: Samadhi insults Samdhan, woman’s husband protests

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In Bedmau village of Rannaud police station in Shivpuri district, Samadhi chopped off his Samdhani’s legs with an axe. Kim was admitted to the district hospital in critical condition. A case has been registered by the Rannaud police station and an investigation has been launched. It is stated that Samadhi insulted his wife, but when she objected, the accused became enraged and assaulted her.

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According to information, two days ago in the village of Bedmau with a woman.


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