Sanich, BC. Shooting: Police to provide update Pi News

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Sony police will release another information about a deadly shooting that took place on Tuesday afternoon in which two suspects were killed and six officers with gunshot wounds.

The update will be broadcast live here and on CTV News Vancouver Island at 3:30 pm PDT.

Wednesday, Saanich Police Chief Constable. Three of the injured officers have been released from the hospital, Dean Duthie said, and three others remain in the hospital — including one officer, who is still in critical care.

The area around the crime scene was evacuated Tuesday and closed to residents and businesses on Wednesday. Police have not yet said whether the area has been reopened to the public.

The closed area is on Shelbourne Street between Cedar Hill Cross Road and Donnelly Avenue.

On Wednesday, police also confirmed that bombs had been found in a vehicle associated with the suspects in the shooting. The explosives were subsequently removed.

“We do not know the types of explosives and their purpose, and that is exactly what happened [the Vancouver Island Integrated Major Crime Unit] Trying to work it out now,” RCMP spokesman Chris Manzo said Wednesday.

“That information may come forward in the future, or it may be part of an investigation, or we may never know,” he said.

A woman inside the bank shared her tragic story with CTV news on Wednesday when gunmen arrived and began firing.

This is a growing story, check back for updates.