Sanjay Rathod: ‘Evidence in 52-minute CD, Sanjay Rathod was the one who killed Pooja Chavan’, a direct warning from Shiv Sainik. Yavatmal Shiv Sena District President warns Sanjay Rathod on Pooja Chavan suicide case, will bring 56-minute CD with evidence ProIQRA News

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Sanjay Rathore, Pooja Chavan

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Pooja Chavan Suicide Case: Sanjay Rathore had to lose his ministerial post in the Pooja Chavan suicide case.

Revolt against Shiv Sena (Shiv Sena rebelSanjay RathorSanjay Rathod) warned. Rathore had to lose his ministerial post in the Pooja Chavan suicide case. After that only Shiv Sainiks have made serious allegations against Sanjay Rathore. Pooja Chavan (Pooja ChavaniShiv Sainiks have threatened Sanjay Rathore to bring evidence in the case through CD. So Majaliya itself is a sensation. Sanjay Rathore is currently rebelling with Eknath Shinde in Guwahati. After that it was seen that angry Shiv Sainiks took an aggressive stand against Sanjay Rathore. For the last eight days, the rebel MLAs are running to Guwahati to leave the Maha Vikas Morcha. The rebel MLAs are demanding that Shiv Sena should leave the Mahavikas alliance and form an alliance with the BJP.

Who made allegations against Sanjay Rathore?

Sanjay Rathore hails from Yavatmal district. Alleging that Sanjay Rathore has betrayed Shiv Sena, Shiv Sainiks have called for a strike on him. We have a sensational 56-minute CD of the Pooja Chavan suicide case, as well as the evidence in the case. Shiv Sena District President Rajendra Gaikwad gave this warning.

Sanjay Rathore had to lose his ministerial post in the Pooja Chavan suicide case. But then there was discussion that he could be taken in the cabinet once again. However, after the Rajya Sabha, elections to the Legislative Council were held. Soon after the result of this election, Shiv Sena MLAs revolted against the Mahavikas Aghadi. That is why now Shiv Sainiks have expressed their anger in Sanjay Rathore’s parliamentary constituency.

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What is the Pooja Chavan affair?

Beed’s Parli Tik Tok star Pooja Chavan commits suicide. He committed suicide in Pune. The then Forest Minister Sanjay Rathore was a serious accused in the case of Pooja Chavan’s death. Sanjay Rathore had to resign after this allegation. Pooja Chavan’s call recording also went viral. It was alleged that the voice was of Sanjay Rathore. After this Sanjay Rathod could not meet with his family. After some time he again became active in the programs of the Banjara community. Finally, the Wanwadi Police in Pune reveals that Pooja Chavan was not murdered. Sanjay Rathore was relieved when the police revealed that Pooja had died in an accident.