Sankranti Special | What kind of guitars do you need for gangrene? How to decorate them?

Sankranti Special | What kind of guitars do you need for gangrene? How to decorate them?

sankranti gangireddu | Livestock is very important in the Indian way of life. If the cow is considered as a gomata, then the ox is worshiped as Nandeeshwar (Shiva’s vehicle). The folk art form ‘Gangireddulata’ in which the dairy cattle are the main characters .. has also become a part of our culture. This art that has been around since ancient times .. entertains the villagers as well as the townspeople.

sankranti gangireddu
sankranti gangireddu

Gangsterism is a part of our culture. Sankranthi is enough .. All the villages become bustling with gangredulatalato. The acrobatics performed by the gangsters with the bulls are dazzling.

Gangsters pick and tame pre-aged cod gills. The circus animals are taught dance tricks as they are sponsored. Lessons are taught to move the feet in accordance with instruments such as the drum and snare, and to nod their heads in accordance with their words. The front leg is saluted, one leg is placed in the gall and the other leg is supported. Ordinary coddles are specially crafted into dance troupes. Will then be brought into the game. Calves are donated to gangsters in memory of some elders. They are trained and played.

Impressive decoration

The decoration of the gangs is impressive. As long as it is beautifully styled. Clothes are sewn into duvets and glasses are inlaid on them. Chemky wreaths are added and covered from hump to tail for more attraction. Colored leather tuft near the face, the muzzle is sewn with leather stitches. Basavanna is adorned with garlands on the legs and bells tied around the neck. The artists who play them are also specially dressed. A colorful head scarf, a mustache on the muzzle, earrings on the ears, an old coat, silver handkerchiefs on the hands and a pancha will make you look attractive. The performance is performed by holding a snare drum, a drum, and a small bronze bell in the hand. Entertainment is shared with the voice as well as the game. Songs like Sanyasamma, Ramuloru, Gangaraju, Ishwaramma and Veeragunnamma are sung.

sankranti gangireddu
sankranti gangireddu

Playing .. Blessing ..

During the Sankranthi festival, people go from house to house playing gangs. The people of the house worship Harathi holding the Gangireddu in their house as a manifestation of the real Nandeeshwar. ‘Dandambettu ammavariki .. dandambettu ayyagari’ means, the front kaletti salute. ‘Good luck to Ayyagari! Will the task at hand be successful? ‘ Gangsters also play with the bull’s forelegs on the chest. Intillipadini is praised in their own style and given blessings.

From ancient times ..

‘Gangireddula vadu kavaramanachi mukutadu podichi pottedulatu’

Srinath quotes in ‘Palanati Veera Charithra’. Based on this, it is known that this gangsterism has been in circulation since ancient times. Bulls are considered family members by gangsters. If the gang dies, the funeral will be done as it was done for the man. Daily rituals are also performed. The tumult, which has a history of centuries, has reached a point where it is disappearing today. Thousands of families who have believed in this art for generations are now turning to other professions that are unpopular.

sankranti gangireddu
sankranti gangireddu

Demonstration procedure ..

A team consists of two or three people. The main person plays the drums, while the others play the drums and snare. The chorus is played according to the choruses. They all stay in each village and, with the permission of the village elders, perform gangs in the center of the village or in a place like the square. After the show, the villagers take the prize.

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