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Ottawa –

Conservative presidential candidate Jean Schwartz on Tuesday vowed to review the National Panel of Experts’ classification of so-called assault-style rifles.

This comes after the former Quebec prime minister asked specifically about the ban in March, saying he was “not seeking to change the law.”

“It’s not in my plan,” Scharest told the Canadian Press at the time.

Lawrence Toth, a spokeswoman for the campaign, which was asked about the apparent change, said Charest was in its infancy. He said his proposal was not a legal change but a review of the rules.

During last year’s federal election campaign, former leader Erin O’Dool’s position on guns came under scrutiny as he struggled to reveal whether the Liberals were proposing to lift the federal ban on about 1,500 models of what they call offensive-style weapons.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposed the ban using rules introduced by the May 2020 Order-in-Council. He was also the one who pressed O’Donoghue on his campaign promise to get it back during the recent federal election.

Charest’s position on the ban is similar to that adopted by O’Toole late last year. After several days of confusion around his position, O’Toole inserted a footnote on the party platform that would keep the ban in place but subject it to review.

“By taking this divisive wedge issue out of the hands of politicians, a Zarist government will enforce public knowledge gun laws and hand over the classification of weapons to a committee representing both the police and firearms experts,” Zarstein spokeswoman Michelle Coates Mather said. , Said Tuesday.

“The purpose of this committee will be to review the 2020 Trudeau Order, while making decisions based solely on public safety.”

Gun advocates and gun owners are part of the grassroots, which is highly concentrated in western Canada, so it is not uncommon for top candidates to issue gun ownership policies.

Thanks to a new law proposed by the liberal government to freeze the sale, purchase and import of firearms in the House of Commons, gun control has once again become an issue during the race to find an alternative to O’Toole.

Trudeau says he wants to see the parties work together to ensure the bill is passed quickly in the minority parliament.

Ottawa MP Pierre Boylevre, a longtime Ottawa MP who runs on the campaign pledge of “freedom”, blasted the new law as a “Hollywood approach to gun classification” and promised to pay more evidence to stop the smuggling of firearms. Border.

“Guns should be classified according to what they do, but how they look,” he said in a statement.

Poilievre also promised to bring together an expert team consisting of sports snipers and first-country hunters to set criteria for classification.

Leslie Lewis, who finished third in the 2020 leadership race, emailed supporters on Tuesday accusing the Liberals of playing politics with public security.

“Dr. Louise is frustrated on behalf of Canadians and wants laws that make sense and protect people,” a campaign spokesman told the Canadian Press.

“He will review every gun law currently in force and replace laws that liberate Canadians with safeguards.”

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on May 31, 2022.