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A Saskatchewan company has donated an ambulance to aid humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

“These efforts stemmed from the very first #InternationalParamedicsDay during which a former WPD Ambulance student, of Ukrainian descent, reached out to the many ambulance services across the province of Saskatchewan asking for support and assistance in sending equipment and support to paramedics working in the Ukraine intervened. ,” WPD and Rosthern & District Ambulance General Manager Walter Dutchak said in a statement to CTV News.

Ambulance student Sergey Khartov said it all started with a social media post.

“I think it all started with a friend of mine who is now a volunteer in Ukraine, she made that post on Facebook, that she is looking for ambulances to help one of the local hospitals that take the wounded army and accepted civilians,” Khartov said.

From there, it turned into a countywide email asking for help, he said.

A message in Ukrainian was written on the ambulance, which translates as “Canada is with us.” (If)

“I honestly thought it would be a long shot, considering the most common requirements associated with ambulances across the province.”

Within two weeks he started getting offers of help, from a donation of an ambulance to an offer of free transport overseas.

“They actually sent an ambulance all the way from North Battleford to the shipping center in Toronto at no charge,” he said.

Khartov said it took five months to organize and the vehicle arrived in Ukraine at the beginning of August.

He said he moved to Saskatchewan with his family in 2007.

“When everything happened in Ukraine earlier this year, it came very close to me. So I was kind of looking for ways to contribute to my people in any way possible. So I think it was one of those ways for me to give back and I think, for all the people who were also involved in this process, it was also such an opportunity for them.”


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