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RCMP are investigating the apparent seizure of a boy during an exorcism ritual at a Saskatchewan Bible camp.

Heather Richinski told CTV News that she first learned about the alleged incident in mid-July after receiving a “hysterical” call from her son.

“She was crying and screaming and swearing and begging me not to come,” Riczynski said.

Her son attended Redberry Bible Camp, about 90 kilometers northwest of Saskatoon.

She said her son vividly described “the kid falling down and bleeding from the face” at the camp.

According to Richinsky, he immediately asked to speak with adults and was handed over to the director of the camp.

“I expected him to escalate the situation and say, you know, ‘we just got mad’ or something,” she said.

“He said, ‘We’ve had demonic activity here in the past and it seems we still do,’ and I was just dumbfounded.”

Ryczynski said he immediately went to the camp and arrived around 1:30 a.m

After arriving at the camp office, Riczynski said he was told a staff member had cast out five demons and that the boy had fallen to the ground, snarling and crouching.

“My partner was with me and she said, ‘So the kid had a seizure?’ They said: “No, we saved him.”

CTV News did not receive a response from the camp after multiple requests for comment.

Ryczynski said he asked if there was a medical examination.

“They said no, it’s fine. We don’t need it, we saved it.”

A Saskatoon mother decided to take her son out of camp.

“We left immediately and went home. It was quite traumatic.”

He said that five more children left the camp as a result of the incident. Ryczynski said that the boy who performed the exorcism ritual remained in the camp.

Carlos Doerksen, the staff member who allegedly performed the ritual, talks about the incident in a video posted on YouTube in July.

“He’s shaking, his eyes are rolling back in his head, his nose is bleeding,” Doerksen said.

In the video, Doerksen chastises parents who criticize his actions.

“You send your kids to a ministry with the word ‘Bible’ in the title, but you’re surprised when things in the Bible happen.”

Attempts by CTV News to reach Doerksen were unsuccessful.

In the video, Doerksen said that he was released from the camp after the incident.

“I’m glad I got fired. I’m glad God removed this situation from my life.”

Saskatchewan RCMP confirmed an investigator is looking into the alleged incident.

In a statement, the Saskatchewan Campgrounds Association (SCA) said it was “saddened” to learn of the alleged incidents.

“As leaders in the summer camp industry, we recognize the responsibility each camp serves the children in our state,” the statement said.

“The safety and care of campers is of paramount importance as SCA provides services to support organized camps in Saskatchewan.”

Redberry Bible Camp’s accreditation is currently under review, according to a statement.

–With files from Tyler Barrow


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