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M. ta. Representative, Pune: The nurses of Ayurveda colleges and hospitals affiliated to the Medical Education Department are on an indefinite strike for various demands. That’s why Sassoon Hospital has called 19 nurses and students of Aundh Hospital to work from Sunday. The services of patients have come to a standstill due to the strike.

The nurses of the government hospitals of the state have been on strike since May 26 for various demands. They have been on an indefinite strike since Saturday due to non-fulfillment of their demands. Around 800 nurses of Sassoon government hospital have joined the strike. Barring emergency services, other nurses have joined the strike. This has affected the service of patients and they have started getting sick.
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In this regard, Superintendent of Sassoon Hospital Dr. Vinayak Kale said that at present 60 percent of the total nurses of the hospital have gone on strike. So, 40% of nurses are in service. Presently emergency surgery is being done and in the absence of nurse the scheduled surgery will be done later. So from Sunday, 19 nurses from Avadh Hospital will come to Sassoon Hospital.

To avoid inconvenience to the patients, additional duty has been imposed on resident doctors, nursing students, teachers and other doctors. He said that this did not disrupt the service of the patients.

Maharashtra State Nurses Association, on the other hand, claimed that 90 per cent of the total nurses went on strike and only 10 per cent returned to work.

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