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Prince Edward Island is spending $ 790,000 to provide free school supplies to all students from kindergarten through 9th grade in the 2022-23 school year.

The PEI government says the fund will help about 15,900 children attend public schools across the province.

“Returning to school can be a stressful and expensive time for many families,” Education and Lifelong Learning Minister Natalie Jameson said in a news release.

“Providing free school supplies is a positive initiative that gives students equal access to essential items and removes some financial burden from families.”

The province says schools have been given the option to be part of a new initiative, schools / teacher-based procurement or part of a procurement order centralized by their school authority.

Under the centralized system, teachers completed an order form identifying classroom needs. Materials will be delivered to schools before classes begin in September.

The province says it has hired additional staff to order and distribute school supplies.

“The burden of paying school supplies for K-9 students will no longer be on parents, and it will be a great relief for teachers who do not need to look for contracts in pencils or scribblers,” said President Dion Dublin. PEI Home and School Federation.

“It’s amazing that there will be consistency and equality in the classroom, that every child will have the same products, and we know that they will be well-fitted for the coming year.”

Students should bring their own underwear, backpacks and lunch bags, as well as calculators and headphones.