Scottish tourist, 40, found dead by heartbreaking friends while on dream holiday | Pro IQRA News

Scottish tourist, 40, found dead by heartbreaking friends while on dream holiday

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A SCOTS tourist died at an Airbnb during a dream holiday in Torquay.

Kirsty Kindness died on 26 May 2021 whilst staying at a flat in Regent Street, Plymouth.

Kirsty is found dead in her Airbnb flat on the day she was due to visit Torquay


Kirsty is found dead in her Airbnb flat on the day she was due to visit TorquayCredit: Google

The 40-year-old, from Annan, went with three friends to visit the coastal town and intended to stay for ten nights.

The group was based in Plymouth, where housing was more affordable than Torquay.

Unfortunately, however, Kirsty was found dead in the flat on the day she was due to visit Torquay, Plymouth Live reports.

An inquest into her death was heard at Plymouth Coroner’s Court today.

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The session began with Assistant Coroner Steve Cavill reading evidence from one of Kirsty’s grieving friends, Laura Todd.

Laura told the cops at the time that Kirsty was a heroin addict, and the night before she died, she said the couple were watching TV at their Airbnb while their other two friends were sleeping.

Before going to bed, Laura and Kirsty both took mirtazapine.

This is a substance used to calm cravings and reduce drug-seeking behaviour.

But the next morning, another friend, Leanne Thompson, finds Kirsty on the sofa where Laura last saw her.

Leanne, who also gave evidence at the time of her friend’s death, said: “There was mashed food on her chest. She had some kind of food in her hand and purple spots all over it. I knew she was dead. She ran upstairs. Laura to say she was dead. We were all in a state.” shock “.

Emergency crews were called at 7.18am and Kirsty was pronounced dead at 7.26am.

The police arrived at the scene at around 8 am.

DC Lorna Annan, who was at the scene, gave evidence at the inquest.

She said the scene was “very clean and tidy” and didn’t seem suspicious at first.

Kirsty’s friends later informed D.C. Annan that she was addicted to heroin.

Police searched Kirsty’s bedroom and found bottles of methadone along with other substances.

Officers also found “burnt tin foil” and bags of clingfilm – D.C. Annan suspects this was used to consume heroin.

Burnt tin foil was also found in the kitchen basket.

D.C. Annan added, “There was no evidence of intent to commit suicide and there were no suspicious circumstances.”

Kirsty’s friends told the constables how she had always wanted to visit Torquay.

D.C. Annan concluded: “It appears that Kirsty suffered a reaction to a combination of medications. This was an accident, not intentional.”

Toxicologist Dr. Stephen Morelli found no traces of alcohol in Kirsty’s blood but noted methadone, mirtazapine, benzodiazepine, pregabalin and flupromazolam.

He concluded the results but stated that the combination of methadone and a high concentration of flupromazolam could be fatal.

Not only would the other medications in her system not have contributed to her death, Dr. Morley added, they would have increased her risk of death.

Her death was classified by pathologist Dr. Adeunmi Oriolo as “drug abuse”.

Pulmonary edema and signs of emphysema were the only physical abnormalities detected at autopsy.

However, Dr. Oriolo said neither of them would have caused her death.

The pathologist also ruled out asphyxia.

After hearing the evidence, the coroner Mr Cavill concluded that Kirsty’s death was “one-way” and was the result of a “toxic mixture of prescription and over-the-counter drugs”.

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He added that it was a “drug-related death”.

At the conclusion of the investigation, he said: “My condolences to Kirsty’s family.”

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