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The story is part of a series by the CBC’s Escasoni Community Bureau based on the Sarah Denny Cultural Center. The series comes after weeks of conversations with community members that it is important to watch, listen and read on CBC’s sites.

Eskasoni actor Tesna Michael Thomas has been nominated for a Nova Scotia Best Performance Award for his role in the film Wildhoot.

Thomas is competing with 19 others to win this award. According to the Screen Nova Scotia website, all nominees were selected by a panel of their peers.

At the Screen Nova Scotia Gala on June 18, it will be revealed who will take home the Best Performance Award.

Thomas said being nominated was everything to him and helping to verify his desire to become an actor.

He recently spoke to Mycenae Zack, social coordinator for the CBC’s Eskasoni Community Bureau, about the recommendation.

You can listen to their interview below.

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Tesna was nominated for a Screen Nova Scotia Best Performance Award for her role in the Michael Thomas Wildhood movie.