Secretary of the Interior denies ”dirty campaign”

Secretary of the Interior denies ”dirty campaign”

The official defends official position against INE

MEXICO CITY (El Universal).— Adán Augusto López Hernández, head of the Interior (Segob), denied yesterday Friday that the federal government is campaigning against the National Electoral Institute (INE).

“No, there is (a campaign) neither from the president (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) nor from the federal government, what there is is clarity in our proposals, the revocation of the mandate must be carried out, until now it has been developing in the terms in which the institute is legally bound in the stages of the procedure”, said the official at the National Palace.

“The councilors now point out or hold the government responsible that if the revocation of the mandate is not done well, it will be because they did not have sufficient resources, they even speak of a financial boycott for the installation of fewer polling places, what would you respond?” questioned the official at a press conference.

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“The root of all evil is the love of money, says the word, that is his opinion, and we respect it,” replied López Hernández.

In the Treasury room, where he has been leading the morning conference for four days replacing President López Obrador, who is recovering after testing positive for Covid, the Secretary of the Interior pointed out that the INE has a constitutional obligation to carry out the revocation of the mandate.

He recalled that on Thursday an austerity plan was presented for the INE with which 2 thousand 972 million pesos would be obtained.

“We have said it, with the exercise that was presented we are not affecting the working base, among other things, the cancellation of separation insurance is proposed, and that of major medical expenses and individualized separation, an adjustment is proposed according to to the austerity policy.

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