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Today’s Panchang, April 28, 2022: For Thursday or Grover, Panchang and Shakha will celebrate the month of Triodashi Tithi, which is currently under the lunar phase of Krishna Paksha. The day will also be overshadowed by Ganda Mulla, Bhadra and Wadal Yoga Mahurat.

Sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moon on April 28

Sunrise is expected at 05:43 AM according to Panchang. It is forecast to be at 06:54 in the evening at sunset. The moon will rise at 04:52 in the morning on April 29 while the moon is predicted to set at 04:41 in the evening, according to Panchang.

Details of Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi for April 28

The Triodashi Tithi will remain in force till 12:26 AM on April 29, after which the Chatradashi Tithi will come into force. The Bhadrapad or constellation will remain in effect till 05:40 PM, after which the constellation Ravi will take effect on Thursday. According to Punching, the Moon will be in Mina Rashi while the Sun will be in Mesha Rashi.

Good night for April 28th

According to Punching, Abhijeet’s appointment will take effect on Thursday from 11:52 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. The Brahma Mahurat will take effect at 04:17 AM and will last till 5:00 AM. Twilight Mehrat will be effective from 06:41 pm and will continue till 07:05 pm. Vijay Mehrotra will continue on Thursday from 02:31 PM to 03:23 PM, while Sehna Sindhi Mehrotra will be effective from 06:54 PM to 07:59 PM.

Ashobh Mehrat April 28

Panchang predicts that Panchaka’s indecent practice will be effective throughout the day. Rahu Kalam will be effective from 01:58 PM to 03:37 PM. The time of Muharram on Thursday will be from 10:07 to 11:00 in the morning.

Yamaganda Mehrotra will last from 05:43 AM to 07:22 AM, while Gulkai column Mehrat will prevail from 09:01 AM to 10:40 AM, according to Punching. Ganda Mola Mehrotra will be effective on April 29 from 05:40 PM to 05:42 AM. Wadal Yoga will be held on April 29 from 05:40 PM to 05:42 AM.

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