Sermon at Chhatribag Ramdwara, Indore | Swami Ramdayal Maharaj said – Do not do to others the behavior that you do not like for yourself. | Pro IQRA News

Sermon at Chhatribag Ramdwara, Indore |  Swami Ramdayal Maharaj said – Do not do to others the behavior that you do not like for yourself.

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Mukesh Kacholia.Indore6 hours ago

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He in whose conscience there is darkness of ignorance, accepts nothing. Just as an owl does not accept the sunlight. Mahaprabhu says, he who has no fear of Sadguru, God, who has no fear of society, has deficient intellect. Whose life is, he does not like any good deeds. What is the world where pleasure is not attained? The sky, the water, the sky moves, but there is no limitation to a man, neither in pleasure nor in any work. If you have come after attaining a human body, stand up and wake up. Be a smart driver, not a driver. Taking dust out is smart and putting dust in is smart.

Swami Ram Dayal Maharaj, the head of the international Ramsnehi sect, said this on Saturday in the Dharma Sabha of the Independent Chaturmas Committee run in Chhatribagh. Maharajshree said that what is the meaning of human life? Humans commit even more incest and atrocities than animals. If there is religion, there is humanity and humanity in people. The behavior you do not like for yourself, do not behave with others. The echo returns. Those whose speech has been corrupted by deeds. For them there is a need to curb the saint’s religion. People should learn something from you, behave like this, in speech and thought. Those on the outside only see the outside world and those who cannot see outside, see the creator of the world within. Those who have eyes are those whose sight is good. Why has God given intelligence? Apply Buddhi Yoga in action too. In the Geeta, God has told the essence of Sankhya Yoga to Arjun. In this, considering all sorrows and happiness, gain and loss, victory and defeat alike, stand up and do your work.

Everything you have done is destroyed by ego.

Maharajshri said that a definite decision should be taken. In his grief, Arjun talked to Yogeshwar about the sins and virtues, but Madhav beautifully explained that Arjun should think and use his intelligence properly. Arjun, you think of religion but also think with the intellect of karma.God has said – Do your work but follow the path shown by God, then you will be free from sin and will also be freed from the bondage of karma. did everything with ego. Karya is ruined, never be arrogant in life. Everything is destroyed one day. The moralists have said that the great kings and emperors claim the earth as their own because the kings and emperors are gone but the earth is still here Where is Kansa, Duryodhana, Ravana, all gone, countless wars were fought for this earth but today there is no trace of them . Time is powerful, time teaches everyone a lesson, that is why those who remain reticent in achievement and also remain reticent in non-achievement, He is the man. See how life is filled with devotion. A momentary satsang that changes lives through wholehearted conversation is the best. Katha, bhajan, kirtan all seem good according to the scriptures. A short and devoted life is better than a long life l Knowledge heard from the Guru’s mouth is beneficial.

see what you have as enough

Maharajshree said make good use of God’s wisdom and grace. Whatever you have is enough. It is the individual in the country who causes more harm to the country. God somehow counts. Society has woken up, the general consciousness knows everything. The movement shakes the foundations. A person forgets true patriotism in his selfishness, when desire awakens he has to knock on the doors of evil and corruption is born in society, but those who love the religion of India love money. No, wherever you live, there is a passion for patriotism. India’s religion is the best and today India rules the world. Here there is character, there is religion, there is a land of devotion, India is ours… Only then corruption will end on Indian soil. The day hunger disappears

Rajesh Sethia, Ram Kalyan Porwal, Ramji Nandu, Krishna Porwal, Sumer Singh Solanki, Arun Porwal, Munna Porwal, Bhura Pehalwan, Gotu Raja Mehta etc. were present on this occasion.