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Despite Lucas Perez’s brilliant second-half free-kick for La Liga contenders, Sevilla finished second in the table after a 1-1 draw at home with the Cadiz on Friday.

Julian Lopetegui’s men are one point ahead of Barcelona, ​​who are hosting Mallorca on Sunday, thanks to an early effort by Youssef Nesseri.

The points earned by the visitors doubled their advantage over Granada, who are in the last relegation zone.

Moroccan striker Anne Neseri scored the first goal of the campaign since September when he headed home from the seventh minute corner of the Ivan Rockettic.

A victory would have cleared Sevilla three points from Barca, but Perez’s draw shattered those hopes.

Home side midfielder John Jordan was punished for tackling clumsiness before Perez, 33, scored his third goal in as many games as possible after a six-month drought.

Cadiz hosts Elche next weekend in an effort to stay on top flight after the 2020 promotion.

Sevilla will travel to Champions League semi-finalists Villarreal on May 8 and will also have a difficult journey to Atletico Madrid during their last four games of the season.

On Saturday, Real Madrid could win the title for the 35th time if they avoid defeat against Espanyol.

Carlo Ancelotti is likely to take on his side in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City on Wednesday.