Shams Al-Kuwaiti talks about “prophetic medicine”, wearing a dress that exposes her leg! (a witness)

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Kuwaiti actress Shams sparked controversy with her boldness again in her latest appearance through her account on (Snapchat).

Bold clothes and prophetic medicine talk!

Shams Al-Kuwaiti published a picture in which she appeared in a long dress with a floral pattern, with a side slit that revealed her entire leg scandalously.

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Shams was criticized for her daring clothes, especially as she appeared in her while she was driving her car and talking about prophetic medicine, saying: (Yesterday I concluded a book by Ibn al-Qayyim on prophetic medicine, and according to the book, prophetic medicine divided bodies according to mixtures).

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Shams continued: (I mean, the nature of man’s creation, they call it mixtures, meaning man is composed of water, air, earth, metal, of course the Chinese added fire and wood to it, and the Indians, according to my study of the Japanese curriculum, were in wood, fire, metal, water and air, five mixtures).

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And she continued: (The Indian added six, and not all the Indians, only the spiritual, and they call it emptiness or space).

In another context, the Kuwaiti artist was exposed to an embarrassing situation a few days ago, after she presented the messages of her fans that she accesses in particular through social networking sites.

Kuwaiti Shams reviewed, via (Snapchat), the messages she receives from her fans, which express their love and admiration for her and her way of thinking.

And from some of the messages: (Your words are comforting to the soul, and actually healed me about many things that I was unaware of).

And another message stated: (You felt me, the top of logic and credibility from you really, the richness is the richness of the soul, and Lord, we reach it and we seek what God has is more generous, richer and more fulfilling.

But by an unintended mistake, the Kuwaiti artist did not notice him. It turned out that she had sent these messages to herself to suggest to her followers that she was loved.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti was subjected to a wave of ridicule on social media, between those who attacked her, and others accused her of deliberately causing controversy only.

Hell life

Weeks ago, Shams Al-Kuwaiti sparked a wave of controversy by talking about the secrets of the artistic world, claiming that it is full of abuse, drunkenness and moral decadence.

In a video via (Snapchat), Shams Al-Kuwaiti said: (Those who show you that they are extremely happy, you do not know the price they paid, and I challenge one or more bloggers who pretend to be rich, put their eyes in my eyes, and tell me that we only pay them from ads).

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And she continued: (I also challenge them to tell me that they are happy, that they do not drink, do not get drunk, and do not cry all night, and that they live the life of hell.”

Shams Al-Kuwaiti indicated that these celebrities are obliged to portray this image to their audience, to just rest, adding: (And I do not claim that I am better than people, I am the worst unit created by the Lord of the Worlds, and I brought a unit, but a unit advises you, always advice if you come from someone who has not tried To be free and not try everything, you cannot take his whole advice, but the one who has seen with his own eyes is not).

Shams: I did not come from Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

Shams continued: (My Lord will see me, and plant in me the love of science, the love of medicine, the love of medicine, the love of philosophy and the love of religions.

Shams Al-Kuwaiti imagined her life if she was like these celebrities, explaining: (If my Lord had not given me this gift to occupy me in my life and things that concern me and people, I would be worse now than them and 24 hours a day using cocaine, drugs, alcohol and hashish, but my Lord will protect me and make me from my childhood I care about science) .

And she added: (I did not try the preaching and my Lord is a witness, but I came and watched, I did not come from the middle of Al-Azhar, I am from the middle of my art in which you see everything, oh either you drift and become like them, or you are like my case, you enter the fire and come out of it and say, “O fire, be cold.” Peace be upon you, and may God protect you.

Hormones and sexual problems

Then Shams Al-Kuwaiti talked about celebrities who are obsessed with building muscle, and addressed her talk to them, saying: (I went and made muscle and took these hormones that will turn you into my sister after two or three years. ).

Shams concluded her speech by claiming that she personally knew the names of these celebrities, saying: (I swear that I have the names of famous people, businessmen and artists, except for football players who do not take these things, their wives cry because of them, because they have sexual problems, and he does not care, all that matters is his appearance).

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