Sharad Pawar on Pakistan: The citizens of Pakistan are not our opponents; Sharad Pawar’s statement- Common Pakistani is not the enemy of India: Sharad Pawar ProIQRA News

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Pune: He has recently come into the limelight due to a statement by NCP President Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar has said that the common citizens of Pakistan are not the enemies of India. He was speaking at the Eid Milan program in Kondhwa area of ​​Pune. (Sharad Pawar on Pakistan)

‘The world is in a different situation right now. A powerful country like Russia is attacking a small country like Ukraine. Young people in Sri Lanka are fighting in the streets and their leaders have gone underground. Our brothers live in neighboring Pakistan. There was a young prime minister. He tried to lead the country. However, he was ousted from power,’ Sharad Pawar said.

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‘A country like Pakistan where you have brothers. My clear view is that it is because of the role of the rulers of Pakistan. I went to Pakistan many times. He went as a minister of this country. So he went as the president of BCCI. You might be surprised that there is no misery anywhere. You are welcome wherever you go. The common man of that place is not your opponent. Those who want to grab power by using Pakistan’s army and those who do politics for it, they try to create tension in both the countries. He also said that those who want to grab power in Pakistan with the help of Pakistani forces want tension between the two countries.

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