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Shawq Al-Hadi danced in a video on a famous song, causing controversy!

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Kuwaiti singer Shawq Al-Hadi sparked controversy by dancing in a strange way to the tunes of a famous song.

Hadi longing dance

And Shawq Al-Hadi published a video documenting her dancing with her friend on the song “Love Nwantiti”, by the international Nigerian singer CKay.

The Kuwaiti artist wore a short white top, with loose pants in the same color, a white sports hat as well, and sunglasses.

Shawq and her dance link, which she published through her account on (Instagram), began in a manner and slow, unthoughtful movements that provoked ridicule.

irony and criticism

So in the comments: (You want to imitate Western women, but it is not appropriate at all).

And another wrote sarcastically: (Stand up, no longer dance).

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An activist noted the incompatibility of the dance with the song, commenting: (The dance is in one direction and the song is in the direction… The first time I see a white rodent).

While another commented: (Hafez does not understand).

Longing Hadi without pants!

A few days ago, Shawq Al-Hadi sparked widespread controversy with her latest photos in Dubai.

Shawq Al-Hadi appeared in the pictures she posted on (Instagram), wearing a long shirt without pants.

Shawq also commented: (A Spanish touch in the heart of Dubai).

Shawq Al-Hadi in a dress that reveals her legs
Shawq Al-Hadi in a dress that reveals her legs

Shawq Al-Hadi was attacked by followers who mocked her, and suggested that she forgot to wear the pants.

Bold clothes again

Longing also appeared in clothes similar to pajamas.

Shawq published pictures through her official account on (Instagram), only the upper part of which appeared. The Kuwaiti artist was wearing a black satin dress that revealed a large part of her chest.

Al-Hadi also commented on her photos with the word (Praise be to God).

Dance in a private party

Shawq also recently participated in a concert in Dubai in a private hotel, in the presence of a large number of Iraqi artists.

Shawq appeared wearing a tight red dress that revealed the details of her body.

The dress was off the shoulder on one side, with a simple side slit at the bottom of the leg.

Hatem Al Iraqi and Shawq

Shawq took pictures with the artist Hatem Al-Iraqi, Shatha Hassoun, Ali Jassem, Mahmoud Al-Turki and Mustafa Al-Abdullah.

She also appeared boldly swaying and dancing with the Emirati media, Mahira Abdulaziz, who was present at the same party.

While Shawq was attacked by followers because of the audacity of her clothes and movements, others praised the morals of Hatem Al-Iraqi and compared him to Muhammad Ramadan, who put his hand on the Kuwaiti artist’s body while she was taking a picture with him.

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