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Short comments

(Continued from previous) (March 27, 2023) The states that were part of the colonial system in a semi-autonomous capacity during the British Crown period were free to operate their internal, legal and judicial systems according to Islamic Sharia, e.g. like Kalat, Bahawalpur, Swat, etc. . In the Islamic Republic of Azad Pakistan there should be room for this at least at the provincial level. (March 26, 2023) Reading and listening to the Holy Qur’an is a source of blessing, but understanding it and following its commands is a religious responsibility for all of us and a means of salvation and well-being.

(March 24, 2023) After the end of the Ottoman Caliphate, the Muslim Ummah no longer has a center to turn to for their problems. This hope was established to some extent when the OIC (Heads of the Islamic Conference / Organization of Islamic Cooperation) was established, but its role could not go beyond “sit and talk and dismiss”. (March 21, 2023) Among us, the guardians who take turns reciting the Holy Qur’an to each other to remember, what we call distance or repetition, this is the blessed Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and Hazrat Gabriel ( peace be upon him) that both Ramadan They used to recite the Holy Qur’an to each other from Asr to Maghrib every day during the month of Mubarak. (March 18, 2023) If the disrespect for government institutions is palpable, factionalism, abuse of power and promotion of inflexible attitudes in politics is not in the interest of the country and the nation, we must all pay attention to this. (March 15, 2023) If the ruling classes in Muslim countries believe that they will prepare Muslim societies to capitulate to Western philosophy and culture in the name of improving their “identity”, then this is their delusion. Because the intellectual basis of the beliefs and values ​​of Muslims are based on the Qur’an and Sunnah, which exist in an original and secure condition. (March 12, 2023) The current political, economic and social situation in the Islamic world suffers from the situation in Barzakhi because it neither deserves to be called an Islamic society based on Islamic teachings nor able to assimilate Western philosophy and culture. . (March 8, 2023) There is a common misconception that dowry must be given when the time of separation and divorce comes. Although it is not related to divorce, but to marriage, if the husband and wife settle in the house, the dowry becomes obligatory. The wife’s dowry is a debt and it is also wrong to “forgive” it by any pressure. (March 6, 2023) Wama atitatum min riba lerbu fi amwal al-anas fila yerbua and Allah (Al-Rum 39) “And what you pay in interest so that it may increase in the wealth of people, it does not increase with Allah.” The experience of the human economy so far has clearly confirmed this statement from the Lord, the practical implementation of which is the solution to economic crises. (March 3, 2023) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) declared Friday as Sayyid Al-Ayam, and this day was a holiday in educational institutions during the reign of the second Caliph Hazrat Umar. Ibn Mujahid, a teacher of the Holy Qur’an among the Tabi’een, saw a healthy person and said that he is burdened as a Saturday is burdensome to children. (March 2, 2023) According to The Voice of America, Pakistan is facing a $10 billion deficit in its budget and must pay at least $3 billion to avoid default. As a result, inflation has increased by 28 percent, and the country’s economy is heavily dependent on imports. (March 1, 2023) By reading and listening to the Holy Quran, blessings are obtained in life, diseases are cured, the deceased are rewarded, the heart and mind are satisfied, and the rewards and rewards of the afterlife are also increased. . But what is the real purpose of the Holy Quran? It is a book of guidance and action.

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