Significant revelations about the city’s hundreds of filtration plants Pi News

(Ali Rame) It has been revealed that more than 250 clean water filtration plants installed for the citizens in Lahore are inactive. Filtration plants installed by the Public Health Engineering Department were installed. No action taken to activate.

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The report submitted to the Punjab Chief Minister on filtration plants in Lahore revealed the facts of inactive filtration plants in which more than 250 filtration plants are closed in different areas within the city of Lahore alone. , Baradari Betian Road, Government High School Hair Filtration Plants are inactive.

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Mohalla Khadianwala Heer, Kamahan, Mayo Mohalla, Azhar Town, Nizam Din Chowk, Deaf Garden filtration plant inactive, Awan Town, Tipu Sultan Park Atari, Ladhar Hospital and other areas are also included. Officials of the Punjab Department of Housing and Public Health Engineering said that the Punjab Water Authority has been given the task of rehabilitating inactive filtration plants.

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The city has started regular work to activate inactive filtration plants. He said that a budget of Rs 1.5 billion is required for activating these inactive filtration plants for which he requested the government to release funds soon. Has gone

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