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Four cars were seen wrecked in the parking lot of a south Edmonton car dealership Tuesday morning.

The cars were either completely or partially in a ditch outside Gateway Blvd, Infiniti South Edmonton. and south of Ellerslie Road.

Part of the parking lot is cordoned off with orange bollards outside the entrance to the service area.

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The dealership’s general manager declined to comment.

Cliffs Towing was on site by 11:30am

Dale Jackson, who has worked with the towing and recovery company for more than 50 years, said he was quite shocked when he first arrived at the parking lot.

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“It’s like a hole. There’s a little bit of water and a lot of gravity running underground,” Jackson explained.

Pit at Infiniti South Edmonton park on September 20, 2022.

Global News

It’s rare to see a hole this size in a parking lot in Edmonton, he said.

“It’s huge. Luckily there are only four stops there and no full stops.

“Usually there are things like water running on the side of the road, broken pipes and things like that. But at the dealership? No… It’s very rare.”

He said that two of the cars are new, one is used, and one is a customer’s car.

Pit at Infiniti South Edmonton on September 20, 2022.

Global News

The Cliffs team planned to use special equipment to pull the cars out of the hole.

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“That machine over there is a 50-ton rotary machine. He’s going to rock and put on his rolling sticks and lift them up.”

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Jackson estimates it’s about a three-hour job.

He said the vehicles suffered only cosmetic damage and could be repaired.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 Pit at Infiniti South Edmonton.

Global News

EPCOR was also on the scene to assess the situation.

The company was not notified of the pothole, but contacted the dealer and sent a crew to see if they could “assist the companies with next steps.”

An EPCOR spokesperson told Global News, “Based on a preliminary assessment, this pit is privately owned and there is no EPCOR-owned infrastructure in the area.”

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