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A horrific road accident took place in Putinish on National Highway No. 37 near Geman Dalang from Shivsagar. Now after lunch eat bagri on national highway #37. AS 01 MC 0917 Naish Bachchan alias ‘Tanook’ met with an accident while driving towards Digboy after Guwahati. In the evening there were more than 25 passengers. More than 10 passengers, including a woman, were injured.

The injured were hospitalized at Shivsagar Civil Hospital under the escort of 8 civilians. Names of the injured: Udeshna Bharali (21), Rajshree Kalita (24), Rechma Begum (23), Bandita Shaikia (24), Pallabi Khanikar (24), Nilu Bharali (50), Antara Hazrika (26), Chahidur Ali (25). . An internal student prison and an internal auditorium were built during the year. In Guwahati University, the examination was conducted at home.

Passengers said that the accident occurred as a result of drunken driving at night. A group of passengers filed a complaint against a hooligan driver who was drinking alcohol in Jakhalaband. It is noteworthy that the handyman driver fled after the accident.

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