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Recognition to Kekén for health support plan

The Institute for the Promotion of Quality (IFC) and the Communication Council awarded Kekén with the Exceptional Company recognition, in its chapter on Economic Reactivation, for the results achieved in the application of its initiative “Healthy Communities” before the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic during 2020.

Through a statement, it was reported that in a ceremony transmitted from Mexico City, the organizers announced that the project of the Yucatecan firm was recognized in the category of “Support and social commitment”, being the only company in the southeast of the country to receive the mentioned distinction.

At the event, it was emphasized that Kekén’s strategy stood out as an agile and effective response to the challenges of the health crisis, standing out for its solidarity, leadership, and innovation.

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In addition, through this strategy it was possible to support more than 20 thousand people in 52 communities through programs focused on health care.

Free medical care

“Healthy Communities” integrates the eight Kekén Health Care Centers that are gradually being enabled in various locations to date, contributing with free consultations, treatments and medicines.

It is also part of the “Health Route”, which through mobile and equipped clinics travels in two routes more towns in which medical services are offered and provided at no cost to families who need them.

Food support

Similarly, classified by the Mexican government as an essential activity company, Kekén implemented the Food Support Plan, executed at the beginning of the pandemic with confinement measures, the first mobility restrictions and the closure of non-essential businesses.

Through the aforementioned Food Support Plan, about 130 tons of food were distributed to Yucatecan families in vulnerable situations, in coordination with municipal and state authorities.

With this initiative Kekén continues to develop and comply with strategies attached to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Health and well-being, Reduction of inequalities and Partnerships to achieve the goals.

The eight Kekén Medical Care Centers are located in the communities of Chuchucmil, in Maxcanú; Nenelá, in Cantamayec; Poxilá, in Umán; Calcehtok, in Opichén; Temozón Sur, in Abalá; in Nohuayún, Tetiz; and in the municipal capitals of Mama and Tixméhuac.

As we have reported, the company’s goal is to end the year with 10 of those centers offering free, consistent health care.

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