Sonora. Lawyer kills colleague over family case and shoots himself

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SONORA.- By disagreeing in a family legal dispute, a lawyer shot his colleague and nephew, and later took his own life inside the building of the State Judicial Power in the municipality of Cajeme, Sonora.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the events recorded inside the State Judicial Branch building, in the Courts area, were derived from a family dispute where those involved, two people who lost their lives, they were related.

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In first interviews with eyewitnesses, conducted by personnel of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Sonora (FGJE), it was established that a victim was attacked with a firearm projectile and, later, the attacker took his life.

They were familiar

As Carlos Ignacio, 27, was identified as the person who was deprived of life with firearm projectiles by his uncle and lawyer, Álvaro, 65, after the two allegedly argued. It transpired that the man had lost the case for the custody of his children.

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The incident was known at 9:00 a.m., on Wednesday, October 13, which occurred in the area of ​​Courts located on Rodolfo Elías Calles Boulevard between Tabasco and Coahuila, in the Campestre neighborhood, in Ciudad Obregón.

Personnel from the Sonora Prosecutor’s Office established, through testimonies, that after the assault Álvaro entered a nearby cubicle and used the firearm against him. He suffered a head injury for which he required medical attention, he died minutes later in a hospital.

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The Investigative Trilogy

-Public Ministry, police forces and experts- of the FGJE Sonora, is in the process of the investigations. This triad collects evidence, conducts interviews on the spot and will carry out ballistics, criminalistics and other tests to establish the facts, the Prosecutor’s Office reported.

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