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Southampton winter bed scheme reopens due to snowfall forecast

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The project is headed by Street Support Southampton and Love Southampton. The scheme sees churches open at night for those in need of a bed and warm space.

It was originally out last month but will be brought back in tomorrow before the cold snap.

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Speaking to the Daily Echo, Paul Woodhouse, from Lough Southampton Executive Board, said: “The Southampton churches winter shelter project has been running since 2020 when many churches opened their buildings and provided volunteers to help keep people off the streets at night.

“Last February, we provided 51 overnight stays for rough sleepers.

“We thought this was the end of the project, but with the cold weather set in this week, our team decided to reopen the business for another week so people wouldn’t sleep in the freezing rain and snow.

“The project follows national guidance, is supported by the local council, aided by the expertise of the saints, and funded by local churches.

“This is only possible because of the generous gift of time from over 50 compassionate volunteers who give up their time voluntarily and freely.

“Access to the project is only possible by referral from the Two Saints Day Center.”

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The reopening of Southampton’s winter bed scheme comes just days after figures from the Department for Settlement, Housing and Communities showed the number of rough sleepers in the city reached 27 in the autumn of last year, up from nine the year before.

In a statement, Southampton City Council addressed the issue of homelessness in the city by saying: “Everyone deserves shelter and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

“As a city, we have taken hundreds of vulnerable people off the streets and provided them with safe accommodation.

“At Southampton we work closely with partner organisations, legal teams, healthcare providers and charities to provide emergency accommodation and support rough sleepers to move into more stable homes in supported, social and private rented housing.”