After blocking Mohamed Salah’s kick, the Milan goalkeeper undergoes surgery and is out for 10 weeks

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AC Milan’s return to the Champions League this season is one of the good news in the glamorous world of football.

Football fans have stayed up on two occasions in the past few days; To follow Milan against Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, respectively, in two exciting confrontations until the last moments, in which the Italian team lost with great difficulty.

Milan goalkeeper surgery

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The Rossoneri’s European career may become more complicated, after it was announced that goalkeeper Mike Manian had undergone surgery, as a result of which he will be out of action for at least ten weeks.

The beginning of the “funny” injury story, so to speak, began at Anfield on September 15, when Milan was 0-1 behind Liverpool, before the referee awarded a penalty kick to the hosts.

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The Egyptian Mohamed Salah advanced to the implementation and his eye to widen the difference, but goalkeeper Manian’s eyes were more focused, and he managed to block the penalty kick.

According to British media, the Frenchman has suffered in his wrist, since he stopped that kick, as it is believed that he fell on him the wrong way.

Since that match in “Anfield”, Mannen played five matches, which accompanied him with pain, only to find that the French goalkeeper had to undergo an endoscopic examination.

The results of the examinations revealed a damaged ligament in his left wrist, which necessitated a surgical intervention, which the Frenchman had already undergone on Wednesday, October 13, 2021.

A statement issued by the Rossoneri on its website read: “Milan can confirm that Mike Magnian underwent an endoscopic examination, which revealed a ligament injury to his left wrist, which has been treated.”

He added, “The surgery was completely successful, he will rest for six weeks before starting rehabilitation, and it is expected that he will be absent from matches for ten weeks.”

The statement explained: “A screw was also installed percutaneously in the wrist bone in his wrist, due to a problem with the blood vessels.”

A remarkable brilliance for the French goalkeeper

Manian has presented impressive levels since joining Milan last May, coming from French Lille, on a five-year contract, to replace the brilliant goalkeeper Janolegi Donnarumma, who left for Paris Saint-Germain, after the expiration of his contract.

The French international will miss several very important occasions, including the remaining four matches for Milan in the group stage of the Champions League, in addition to the matches between Roma and Inter in the Italian League.

Milan signed former Juventus and Roma goalkeeper Antonio Mirante (38 years old); To compensate for the long absence of Manian, it is unlikely that the French goalkeeper will return to the stadiums again before the winter break in Calcio next January.

Manin, 26, was on the list of France’s national team, which recently won the European Nations League title, but he replaced Hugo Louis in the semi-final and final matches against Belgium and Spain, respectively.

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