Barcelona will not compete this time.. the bitter truth

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Barcelona is no longer after Messi like Barcelona before his departure, coinciding with the worsening problems that Messi was one of the symptoms of. In this article, let us explain in a nutshell the “problems” that Barcelona suffers from.

The biggest problem is not in the team, but in the club. The economic situation is much more dangerous than the sporting situation. We must give priority to the reconstruction of the entity before thinking about new signatures, because it is necessary to prepare a financial plan that provides stability and sustainability in the club.

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This is the conclusion that we as fans can draw from Ferran Riverter (FC Barcelona CEO) conference. The legacy left by Josep Maria Bartomeu (former Barcelona president) is so devastating that it does not allow for impossible dreams. The first thing is to impose order in the club, recognizing that the sporting results of the season will be marked by the inheritance received, through the bankruptcy left by Bartomeu’s board of directors.

Now more than ever it is necessary to touch the ground, the truth is harsh and bitter, expectations are limited, the future is complicated, you have to forget about winning the Champions League, or signing billions of stars; The club is in a very bad economic situation, and this affects the club negatively in all respects.

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We have to be patient, to this day Barcelona can’t compete at the highest level, which is a sad fact.

Our wallet was stolen without us knowing that we broke, and therefore the club will be in the hands of the banks for several years. The general manager of Barcelona, ​​Ferran Riverter, opened everyone’s eyes with an x-ray showing a naked club talking economically, and the picture of reality shows some of the decisions of the current council.

And now it became clear that the departure of club legend Lionel Messi was as if it was an emergency economic decision. It was an essential sacrifice to lower the club’s wage bill to stabilize the economic situation, otherwise the new signings that arrived this season with out-of-pocket losses cannot be scored. You cannot be poor and want to live like a rich man.

And for a long time, his arm was outstretched out of his sleeve. We must bear the consequences of the actions of the previous administration in the last five or six years. We have prided ourselves on being the club with the highest billing rate in the world, and now we are the ones with the biggest debts, a deteriorating product of bad decisions, mismanagement and lack of control. It looks like a horror movie script.

From here begins a new phase with a strong management team ready to fix the situation and build a bright future, Joan Laporta breathed due to the CEO Riverter conference, in which he explained the state of the club.

The enthusiasm and experience of the President is complemented by the professional rigor and financial rigor of the CEO, the next step will be to convene an assembly that should amend the articles of association so that the new Board of Directors does not have to pay the collateral of its previous debts (caused by the Josep administration barmeo).

The forensic evidence review will be known later (financial irregularities in the past years), depending on the evidence obtained, then legal decisions will be taken that may end in court.

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