Cora gave a good lesson

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Boston players back red-legged driver

There are many reasons the Red Sox completed one of their most surprising trips to the American League championship series in team history.

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But a very convincing argument can be made that the main reason is Puerto Rican manager Alex Cora, who expertly guides the team.

After finishing a 24-36 season in 2020 in which the Red Sox were never seriously involved in the fight, the general expectation was that they would improve a bit in 2021 and maybe hit .500, or if several things came out. good, about 85 wins

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“That man is awesome. How smart he is, what he knows about baseball, the way he handles the game and plays bullpen. He plays chess, bro. The other team is playing checkers. It’s really fun and I’m happy to be with him on this trip, ”said Mexican Alex Verdugo.

After winning the World Series with the Red Sox in 2018, Cora was suspended last season for his role as the Astros’ bench coach during the 2017 sign stealing scandal. He has consistently accepted responsibility.

The Red Sox had to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding whether to hire Cora again to lead the team.

“Obviously the team is different compared to last year, but he has made a difference,” Xander Bogaerts said of Cora. “He and the guys who came gave us a new energy.”

The decision to rehire Cora has paid dividends throughout the year. Cora changed the atmosphere of the team during Spring Training and had them on track to win 100 games by the middle of the season.

One of Cora’s great talents is knowing the pulse of her players and knowing how each one will respond.

“Proud of the group. Happy for my family, that they can enjoy this. Happy for Boston, ”Cora declared.

Boston is no doubt just as happy to have Cora back for another trip throughout October. — MLB

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