Los Venados, for a positive final stretch

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Motivated after the victory against the Road Runners

Los Venados FC hope that last Tuesday’s four-point victory in Ciudad Victoria will help them consolidate at the top of the Expansion League.

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And of course, because of the ways to achieve it, the technical director Carlos Gutiérrez Barriga took it with philosophy. A date before, they suffered a circumstance similar to that experienced by the Roadrunners of the Autonomous University of Tamaulipas in their duel on Tuesday.

“It is an important victory, at the last minute. It is enjoyed when it is achieved this way, as it is suffered when you are tied or lost in the last minute ”, said the coach after the game at“ Marte R. Gómez ”, where they won in the 94th minute with a goal from Ayron del Valle.

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Now, everyone in the horns hopes that the team can climb the standings or stay in the top spots on the way to the league.

“Let’s hope the result changes things, that the ball finally starts rolling in our favor. The team has given good games, as they say, Venados has good football, but the results have not corresponded to the procedure done in the games, “he said.

After a long-suffering match, the deer were momentarily placed in sixth place in the table in the tournament, with 17 units.

“In the second half, the team left with the intention of doing things better, having an arrival, and of course finishing them. In the end, achieving this victory, in this way, is very important for the motivation of everyone in the group to get into the final stretch in good spirits ”.

For the bulls it was their first triumph since they beat Cancun FC on date 7, also playing as visitors. In total they have four victories in 12 challenges, with five setbacks and three draws.

“That this gives us a lot of air for what is coming,” said the coach.

On Tuesday 19 the deer will receive Zacatecas at the “Carlos Iturralde Rivero” Stadium. – Gaspar Silveira

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