“Messi is a red line” .. supporters of the Argentine star occupy Manchester United accounts because of a provocative “tweet”

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The social networking site “Twitter” was abuzz with tweets accompanied by emojis, which are a large number of “red flags”, as part of the “Flash mob” campaign, which its promoters see as symbolizing a red line that it is wrong to cross; Because it represents a danger or may cause harm to something, and Messi’s name was strongly present in the campaign.

The official account of the Manchester United club on Twitter accompanied the campaign, and published a tweet that sparked the anger of the fans and fans of the Argentine star, Lionel Messi, the Paris Saint-Germain player, who interacted with it and responded to it.

Messi fans uprising

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And the Red Devils account tweeted: “Cristiano is not the greatest ever,” attached to a large number of red flags, which United supporters believe that a person who thinks like this has crossed the red line.

But the tweet has not gone unnoticed, by those who are storming the debate over who is the greatest of all: Messi or Ronaldo.

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One of Messi’s supporters replied: “This is flattery or groveling, almost as Barcelona did with Messi.”

While another wrote: “You should be ashamed of yourself, that’s why Olly won’t win any prize.”

A third tweeted: “You have to stop stealing other people’s names and give them to Ronaldo, everyone on this earth knows that Messi is the greatest, so stop trying.”

With a fourth posted: “This shows how much your club is a joke these days, all you are trying to do is give Ronaldo the Ballon d’Or.”

The conflict between Messi and Ronaldo is witnessing a high-level rivalry, as the world of football has never seen a race of this quality and continuity.

Messi won the Golden Ball award as the best player in the world on six previous occasions, and seems one of the strongest candidates to enhance his record by adding the seventh ball to his tally, after leading Argentina to the Copa America title in July 2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo has five golden balls and is on the list of favorites to win this year, but he surpasses his eternal rival in some remarkable numbers.

Historic scorer

Ronaldo is the top scorer in the Champions League throughout history with 136 goals, compared to 121 goals for Messi, while Cristiano reached his 115th goal at the international level, while Leo scored 80 times.

And Manchester United weren’t the only ones to break into the latest social media trends, joined by fellow Manchester City compatriot, who tweeted: “Kevin De Bruyne is not the best player in the league.”

Citizens returned to publish another tweet saying: “Riyad Mahrez is not the magician of the Arabs,” while Leeds United entered the line of his compatriots United and City, and tweeted: “The England team does not miss Calvin Phillips.”

Chelsea published a controversial tweet, saying: “I only support London clubs outside of European competition”, noting that all of these tweets were accompanied by red flags.

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